Pill could put bread back on the plates of people with celiac disease

Celiac disease is caused by the body’s reactions to proteins found in wheat, barley and rye. Nearly 30 different drug ...
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Nutritionist: You can’t buy GMO wheat—so don’t blame it for celiac disease

Amber Pankonin, a registered dietitian and an adjunct instructor in the science department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, places trust ...
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GMO wheat could put bread and pasta back on the menu for people with celiac disease

A new wheat could help celiac patients return to a gluten-rich diet without fear of health repercussions ...
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Could this synthetic enzyme lead to a treatment for celiac disease?

Ingestible enzymes created by synthetic biology could allow people with celiac disease to eat gluten ...
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Wheat and celiac disease: Modern breeding not to blame for gluten—but gene editing could help

New research shows that the immune-reactive agents of modern wheat have been around a long time, and are not necessarily ...
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Viewpoint: Self-diagnosed celiac disease is just the latest diet obsession of wealthy white people

There are people who are allergic to gluten. But the recent surge in self-diagnosed Celiac sufferers is little more than ...
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Do you think you have NCGS–gluten sensitivity? Proceed with caution in age of mail order genetic tests

We're in the 23andMe age. People take various genetic tests, but, they're often interpreting vague and out of clinical context ...
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