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Structure of the brains of career criminals may shed light on ‘persistent antisocial behavior’

[A]dults with a long history of offenses show striking differences in brain structure compared with those who have stuck to ...
dna and crime

DNA databases as crime deterrent: As more ‘cold cases’ are solved, are would-be criminals growing wary?

Some research suggests the mere existence of DNA databases may now be helping to prevent crime. But even if that’s ...

1983 sex assault mystery solved by DNA testing

A Florida woman who woke up to a stranger sexually assaulting her 36 years ago may finally get justice after ...
3-21-2019 aaron kosminski murder featured

‘Terrible science’: Archaeological geneticists blast study that used DNA to identify Jack the Ripper

News media was buzzing [March 18] with a claim that scientists had finally figured out the real identity of the ...

Why genealogy tests will ‘send a lot more people to jail’ in 2019

In April [2018], a citizen scientist named Barbara Rae-Venter used a little-known genealogy website called GEDMatch to help investigators find a man ...

Bad decision: Did your genes make you do it?

Studies have picked out groups of genes associated with intelligence, academic achievement, criminal activity and other life outcomes. It now ...
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Can the microbiome join DNA and fingerprints in the CSI toolkit?

Some scientists argue that our individual microbiomes are unique enough that they can be used to help identify the perpetrators ...
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Can we trust the eyes of those who witness crimes?

The credibility of eyewitness accounts has taken some hits from DNA evidence-based refutation of trial testimony. But there's more here ...
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Next job for the microbiome: Tagging criminals

The microbiome may have a new application; solving crimes. Unless it doesn't work ...
Eye Witness Identifications

Accuracy of eyewitness testimony: Is it all in our head?

The credibility of eyewitness testimony has taken some hits from DNA evidence-based refutation of memory. But there's more here than ...
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