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Herbicide-tolerant GMO soy ‘as safe as conventional counterpart’, confirms EU safety panel

In the present scientific opinion, the scientific Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms of the European Food Safety Authority (hereafter referred ...

Monsanto’s GMO soybean as safe as conventional counterpart, EU Food Safety Authority confirms

Following the submission of application .... from Monsanto (hereafter referred to as ‘the applicant’), the Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms ...
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‘No safe exposure level’ for controversial pesticide chlorpyrifos, renewal unlikely, European officials conclude

The pesticide chlorpyrifos does not meet the criteria required by legislation for the renewal of its approval in the European ...
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EU adopts new rules to quell mistrust of food safety studies based on industry data

New rules designed to increase transparency in the EU food safety risk assessment process have been adopted. The European Parliament ...
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Viewpoint: Farmers’ crops are failing, and Europe’s precautionary assault on neonicotinoid insecticides is to blame

Farmers will never forget the last five years of incompetence from the European Commission ...
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EU delays decision to re-approve ‘toxic’ copper compounds, widely used as pesticides in organic farming

EU countries have delayed a decision on whether or not to reauthorize the use of copper compounds — chemical substances ...

Far more toxic than glyphosate: Copper sulfate, used by organic and conventional farmers, cruises to European reauthorization

Over the past months, the European Union and several member nations have vigorously debated re-authorizing glyphosate, the herbicide maligned by ...
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Is it true there are no long term GMO safety studies?

Anti-GMO activists call for longer animal feed studies to assess the safety of GMOs. But are longer tests really necessary? ...

Glyphosate battles: Why different European agencies came to different cancer conclusions

In the fight between European safety agencies, a conflict looms. The IARC chair behind controversial cancer hazard decisions also works ...
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For studies on GMO food safety, does length matter?

Anti-GMO activists call for longer and longer animal studies to assess the safety of GMOs. But are longer tests really ...
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