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Podcast: Getting from one generation to the next – the life and work of pioneering embryologist Dame Anne McLaren

Geneticist Dr Kat Arney reflects on the life and work of Dame Anne McLaren, one of the leading embryologists of ...

Why it’s so difficult for human embryos to survive CRISPR gene editing

CRISPR may one day wipe out devastating genetic diseases throughout entire family lines, or even the human race. But to ...
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Can these turtle embryos change their sex by finding warmer or cooler spots within their eggs?

At 27.9 °C, roughly equal numbers of female and male turtles will emerge from the nests of the Chinese pond ...

IVF nightmare: Fertility clinic glitch results in babies being born to wrong parents

Anni and Ashot Manukyan wanted their daughter to have a younger sibling, so they used a fertility clinic to try ...
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Japanese researchers gain approval for ‘basic research’ on gene-edited human embryos

A government research panel specializing in life ethics approved the modification of genes from fertilized human eggs for basic research ...
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US researcher: ‘3-parent’ embryos ready to implant if Congress lifts ban on controversial treatment

Researchers at Columbia University in New York have created embryos containing genetic material from three people and are ready to ...
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‘Genome profiling’—not gene editing—could offer easiest path to smarter babies

For the foreseeable future, editing embryos to enhance IQ is a sci-fi fantasy. A different approach aimed at enhancing IQ ...

What’s the difference between choosing healthy embryos and picking a baby’s eye color?

Blair and James are trying to start a family. Like many parents, they hope their future offspring will be healthy ...

Should we strive to engineer better humans?

While proposals like cognitive or moral enhancements to help create a less doomsday-prone population are quite speculative (and on occasion, ...

Frozen embryos: Who owns them and do they have legal rights?

With the number of frozen embryos in the United States soaring into the millions, disputes over who owns them are ...
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Headlines tout Jurassic World in offing but scientists, journalists separate fact from fiction

A real-life "Jurassic World" with genetically engineered dinosaurs is an enthralling or frightening scenario — depending upon your perspective — ...
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