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Can cutting out carbs treat epilepsy? The ketogenic diet as a drug

The ketogenic diet has actually been used in the treatment of epilepsy since the 1920s. It had been known that ...

For treating epileptic seizures, pharmaceutical CBD is more effective than ‘artisanal’ alternatives, researchers say

Children and teens with epilepsy who were treated with pharmaceutical cannabidiol (CBD) had much better seizure control than those who were treated ...
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‘It makes me feel more connected to the human race’: Epilepsy patients donate live brain tissue for research

Though Genette Hofmann is still using her brain, last month she donated a bit of it — to science. Hofmann ...

People with autism more likely to experience headaches and epilepsy

People with autism have more brain-related health problems, such as headaches and epilepsy, than typical people do, according to a ...

Children with autism are twice as likely to suffer from chronic pain

Children with autism are about twice as likely as their typical peers to experience chronic or repeated pain, according to ...
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‘Defibrillator for the brain’: Implant could prevent epileptic seizures in autistic children

Kevin, who has autism and has had seizures since he was 8 years old, lies uncharacteristically still in the center ...
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‘Uncharted territory’: Doctors struggle with patient demand for unproven CBD supplements

[Jacqueline] French, a neurologist at New York University’s Langone Health, tries to steer her patients away from sprinting to the ...
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Viewpoint: Federal marijuana regulations defy ‘common sense’, hindering autism and epilepsy research

A few years ago, I began to see children in my practice who seemingly responded to marijuana-derived extracts. And as ...
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