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Conspiracy promoter Mike ‘Health Ranger’ Adams built online disinformation Natural News online empire that subverts science, report finds

Alternative health guru and conspiracy theorist Mike Adams, founder of the popular website Natural News, has been identified as the ...
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Podcast: Facebook vs junk science; ‘Brain-boosting’ supplements; Whole grains really healthy?

Alternative health champion Mike Adams has been banned from every social media platform but continues to spread his anti-GMO and ...
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GMO misinformation proliferates on social media. What happens when it’s shared by experts?

Picture it. You are a respected, established advocate for agriculture and food production. You might even have a well-recognized brand ...
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Are we moving closer to mind reading? Facebook-funded study turns brain signals into text

With a radical new approach, doctors have found a way to extract a person’s speech directly from their brain.  The ...
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Podcast: Meet Mary Mangan—the biologist who crashes anti-GMO events and debunks junk science on Twitter

Mangan discusses her unique approach to spreading science literacy ...
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Mike Adams’ Natural News anti-GMO and conspiracy site banned from Facebook

Natural News has nearly 3 million Facebook followers, more than Infowars and Alex Jones combined before Facebook banned them from ...
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From GMO hater to biotechnology advocate: One person’s Facebook journey

An anti-GMO, pro-organic mom became a staunch defender of modern agriculture following a social media encounter that prompted her to ...
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