Podcast: Doctors have to think about sex; AI text generators spread ‘fake news’? Coffee can indeed make you poop

An ER physician says doctors have to consider biological sex to properly care for their patients. Coffee can send some ...

Concerned about ‘fake news’? It could get a lot worse with AI

Fake news has certainly become a widespread and insidious problem, and in a year when we’re dealing with both a ...
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Podcast: How ‘fake news’ about avian flu almost sent virologist Ilaria Capua to prison for life

Capua now uses her harrowing experience to educate policymakers and law enforcement about science ...
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Why unproven alternative cancer treatments are so dangerous

Cancer is oppressive and all-pervasive: half of us alive today will experience a direct brush with it. But despite its ...

Viewpoint: Developing nations face onslaught of ‘fake news’ targeting GMOs

A recent article co-authored by a prominent Malaysian economist propagated several popular myths about GMOs. A Malaysian scientist and communicator ...
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How do scientists counter ‘fake news’ in the era of InfoWars?

Within the scientific community, much attention has focused on improving communications between scientists, policy makers, and the public. ... [W]henever ...

‘Synthetic media’: How AI could make the era of ‘fake news’ far worse

In the emerging world of “synthetic media,” the work of digital-image creation—once the domain of highly skilled programmers and Hollywood ...
Viewpoint: French media's 'fake news' on glyphosate herbicide endangers science in Europe

Viewpoint: French media’s ‘fake news’ on glyphosate herbicide endangers science in Europe

In Europe, technical matters which should be science-based, such as the authorization of marketing for chemicals or genetically engineered plants, ...
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Opinion | Putin’s ‘sock puppets’: How Russia ‘uses’ anti-GMO activists to undermine crop biotech and science

In its promotion of 'fake news,' Russia is committed to undermining US technological advantages by using anti-GMO activists to spread ...

Fake news is nothing new: 6 pseudo-news websites have colored GMO debate for years

"Fake news" may be new to most people, but not to followers of the anti-GMO debate. Here are some of ...
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