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Colder weather is arriving. What do we know about indoor vs outdoor transmission of COVID?

As autumn settles in and the holidays loom, it’s worth pausing to ponder what we’ve learned about COVID-19 transmission over ...

Herd immunity alone isn’t enough to save us. Why a vaccine is critical

[G]etting to herd immunity without a vaccine isn’t as simple as the idea itself. A number of variables can affect ...
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Infographic: Most Americans still trust scientists

It’s easy to look around right now and conclude that popular public opinion has turned against scientists. Twitter hashtags have ...

No, the coronavirus was not genetically engineered in a Wuhan lab, scientists believe

You could be forgiven for wondering how a disease as fast-moving and deadly as COVID-19 could just appear naturally, out ...

Genetic tracking helps contain Ebola outbreaks. Why hasn’t it worked with the coronavirus?

The first sign that viral genomics might transform epidemiology came in the wake of the 2013-16 Ebola epidemic in West ...
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‘Perfect storm’: Why the coronavirus shut the world down, when SARS, Ebola and swine flu didn’t

In the past two decades, the world battled Ebola, SARS and more than one major flu outbreak. Those left tragedies ...
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Video: What are the chances that Moderna’s experimental coronavirus vaccine will work?

A vaccine for COVID-19 has entered Phase 1 of clinical trials in Seattle. How was it made? And how likely ...
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Why can’t we stop rogue scientists from engaging in dubious research?

[C]an the public control science that leaves us with permanent and unenviable consequences? Recent news suggests that the answer is ...

Why almost all psychologists are ideologically liberal, and why it matters

When New York University psychologist Jonathan Haidt asked about a thousand attendees at the annual meeting of the Society for ...
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Why do humans find classifying animal intelligence so difficult?

[D]oes a chimpanzee deserve more rights than, say, a pigeon? The logic that leads to “yes” is clear enough, but ...
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