Can DNA predict who might be a mass murderer?

There have been repeated attempts over the past 50 years to find genetic links to criminal behavior or mass murderers ...
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Weak links? How partial DNA matches can muddle criminal investigations

Using DNA collected from a crime scene, police can identify relatives of unidentified suspects through partial, or familial, matches. Legal ...
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Podcast: Geneticist Mary-Claire King nearly quit science—then discovered the first breast cancer gene

Mary-Claire King's stellar career has covered human and chimp evolution, finding BRCA1 and reuniting families that have been torn apart ...

Why genealogy tests will ‘send a lot more people to jail’ in 2019

In April [2018], a citizen scientist named Barbara Rae-Venter used a little-known genealogy website called GEDMatch to help investigators find a man ...

If DNA can predict facial construction, how can we ever have genetic privacy?

DNA can now predict your facial structure. What does that mean for personal privacy? ...
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Can the microbiome join DNA and fingerprints in the CSI toolkit?

Some scientists argue that our individual microbiomes are unique enough that they can be used to help identify the perpetrators ...

4 human genetics organizations that put ideology ahead of science

There are legitimate concerns about the rapid pace of genetics research. But some of the most well known groups seen ...
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DNA forensics is not an infallible tool — but not because of science

DNA has revolutionized how crimes are solved. But blunders by investigators have thrown a cloud over the use of genetic ...
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Next job for the microbiome: Tagging criminals

The microbiome may have a new application; solving crimes. Unless it doesn't work ...
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Epic FBI DNA database may reveal private health information

Database behind nearly all DNA-based forensic investigations may also have our health information. Or not. Should we be concerned? ...

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