Should parents be allowed to choose a child’s sexual orientation through gene editing?

Where do our sexual preferences come from? Most of us don’t stop to ponder, simply because there’s no need to ...
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Emerging field of ‘social genomics’ comes with ethical, societal risks: ‘Who’s going to benefit?’

By looking at the genomes of people living in former coal-mining areas, [geneticist Abdel Abdellaoui] has found genetic signatures associated ...
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Do genetics determine what we like to eat? Study finds no ‘smoking gun taste gene’

A recent genome-wide association study found 17 genetic sites related to bitter beverage consumption ...
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Using genetic data to examine differences between populations just ran into a problem

Various innovations in the field of genomics over the past few decades have given researchers hope that resolutions to long-lasting ...
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Can genetics help explain why some people make more money than others?

The UK Biobank is the single largest public genetic repository in the world... . But when David Hill, a statistical ...
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Heavy drinking, alcoholism are ‘not the same thing’, genetic study shows

A huge analysis of drinking patterns among veterans has found genetic distinctions between heavy drinkers and alcoholics, according to a ...
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Do our genes determine which faces are ‘prettier’ than others?

Despite the importance humans and society appear to place on beauty, from a scientific perspective, we don't actually know a ...

Genetic test for diabetes risk? Why it’s not quite ready for ‘prime-time clinical care’

23andMe's new test claims to determine risk from genetic analysis ...
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Insomnia linked to neuropsychiatric disorders rather than ‘sleep regulation’, genetic studies show

[T]wo studies published [March 11] in Nature Genetics provide first peeks at the biological basis of insomnia, implicating specific brain regions and ...
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Viewpoint: Genetic research can’t fulfill its potential without greater diversity in study populations

Genetic differences exist between people of different ancestries. That means genetic studies that focus on just a handful of populations ...
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Improving personalized medicine may demand more diversity in clinical trials

Hispanic Americans have higher levels of diabetes and less access to health care services, yet they live on average about ...

Examining the genetic roots of anorexia and other eating disorders

Characterized by extreme caloric restriction resulting in weight loss, an intense fear of gaining weight, and a distorted body image, anorexia ...
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Preventing preterm birth: Preemie genes identified

A global team of researchers has zeroed in on genes that affect the length of pregnancy and may foretell elevated ...
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Bladder control: Is there a genetic treatment for urinary incontinence?

Treatment options for urinary incontinence may be revealed through a genome-wide association study searching for genes that may contribute to ...
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