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Disturbing hallucinations and psychosis mysteriously plague some coronavirus patients

Nightmarish visions... plagued [Kim] Victory during her hospitalization this spring for severe respiratory failure caused by the coronavirus. They made ...

Another mystery of our brains: ‘Why are we not hallucinating all the time?’

It’s a question they might have asked for different reasons in the ’60s, but neuroscientists from Stanford University in the ...
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Chasing the origin of hallucinations in the brain

People under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs like LSD often experience vivid visual hallucinations. But exactly what is happening within ...
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Nothing to fear from hallucinations linked to macular degeneration, study shows

Hallucinations linked to vision loss from macular degeneration are caused by abnormally heightened activity in the visual cortex of the ...

Explaining hallucinations through math

[Researcher Heinrich Klüver] classified [hallucinogenic patterns he experienced] into four distinct types that he dubbed “form constants”: lattices (including checkerboards, ...

Here’s the thing about hallucinations: They’re not ‘categorically good or bad’

As late as the 18th century, hallucinations in their various forms were considered independent diseases or syndromes. In 1821, Alexis ...
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