Improving human sperm with gene editing? Harvard researcher moves forward as scientists debate CRISPR babies

In the wild uproar around an experiment in China that created twin girls whose genes were altered to protect them ...

Calls for a halt to heart stem cell trial based on controversial research

Days after Harvard Medical School said it found extensive falsified or fabricated data from the laboratory of a prominent heart researcher, ...

Talking Biotech: Thalidomide once caused birth defects—now it treats cancer

The sleep medication thalidomide caused thousands of birth defects in the 1960s. But experts say it's also a powerful cancer ...

UC Berkeley loses another round in legal dispute with Broad Institute over CRISPR patents

A federal appeals court has rejected arguments that UC Berkeley has exclusive rights to patents for the powerful CRISPR gene-editing ...
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DNA repair award highlights critical disease research

When DNA has been damaged, repair mechanisms can begin which help to ameliorate the damage ...

Artificial DNA acts just like the real thing. Does that mean we should we make it?

We know we can create 'artificial DNA'. The real questions are: Should we? and To What end? Should there be ...

Anti-GMO bungle: Claim GM genes pass from food into blood collapses

In 2013, when PLoS One published a research paper, Complete Genes May Pass from Food to Human Blood, anti-GMO activists ...
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