GMO ‘halo effect’: How biotech crops benefit farmers who don’t grow them

Agricultural Economist Graham Brookes of PG Economics is the latest featured expert in the ISAAA Webinar series. His talk focused ...

Bayer faces dozens of potentially costly glyphosate-cancer lawsuits in Hawaii

Dozens of lawsuits potentially worth tens of millions of dollars in damages are in the works in Hawaii targeting Monsanto ...

Earth-friendly GMOs: How Bt crops eliminated 6 million tons of pesticides

[W]hen I first heard about genetic engineering when visiting my eventual graduate school home, I was really excited about the ...
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Viewpoint: FDA should eliminate non-GMO labels that ‘vilify’ food innovation

It’s high time for the FDA to protect food innovation. The greatest tool for breakthroughs in food — genetic engineering ...
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Newly-discovered microbes could save endangered plants from extinction

One fine Hawaiian day in 2015, Geoff Zahn and Anthony Amend set off on an eight-hour hike .... The two ...
Opinion: Anti-GMO documentaries on Hawaii farming warp reality

Opinion: Anti-GMO documentaries on Hawaii farming warp reality

A movement in Hawaii promotes the romanticized view that the world can be fed locally and without farm pesticides and ...
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Hawaii honey bee die-off points to likely culprits—Not pesticides, but varroa and viruses

Hawaii study may hold the key to the mystery of why honey bees are struggling ...
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