COVID-19 is causing silent epidemics — societal and medical crises

Henry Miller, Shiv Sharma | 
As the nation emerges in fits and starts from the lockdowns spurred by the first wave of COVID-19 illnesses, we’re ...
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Is being obese similar to being old? Both make the body vulnerable to life-threatening diseases, researchers say

Globally, an estimated 1.9 billion adults and 380 million children are overweight or obese. According to the World Health Organization, ...
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Gene-editing ‘vaccine’ could radically change heart disease risk

Ali Pattillo | 
As many as 50 percent of heart attacks strike without any warning signs and in individuals with no history of heart disease. When ...
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Diet wars: Heavy meat consumption carries ‘small but increased’ cardiovascular disease risk, study finds

Anahad O'Connor | 
[In October 2019], the Annals of Internal Medicine published a controversial report that encouraged people not to worry about the ...

Did evolution lead us down the path to heart disease?

Haider Warraich | 
The reason our species finds itself in the ever-constricting clutches of atherosclerosis — the insidious buildup of cholesterol-filled plaques in ...

‘Do not waste your money’: Most heart-healthy supplements won’t cut your disease risk, study shows

Ed Cara | 
There are lots of things you can do to keep your heart healthy and hopefully live longer. But a new ...

Heart disease risk: New genetic test could offer stronger early detection

Lauran Neergaard | 
You know your cholesterol, your blood pressure ... your heart gene score? Researchers say a new way of analyzing genetic ...

Do omega 3 supplements protect against heart disease? New evidence says ‘no’

New evidence published [July 18] shows there is little or no effect of omega 3 supplements on our risk of ...

IVF: Safe method of conception for those with infertility or ‘evolutionary experiment’

Meredith Knight | 
An evolutionary biologist called IVF an ‘evolutionary experiment’ and alleges IVF kids will have more health problem. Evidence for these ...
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Scoop on ‘leaky gut syndrome’–And effect of pathogenic gut microbes on health

Ben Locwin | 
Do microbes in your gut cause pathologies elsewhere in the body like the heart? ...
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