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Viewpoint: ‘GMO’—the dirty three-letter word used to demonize life-saving biotechnology

The demonization of this technology funds numerous NGOs and has even become a cottage industry ...
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Fine tuning photosynthesis: Predictive model helps scientists breed higher yielding crops

In the next two decades, crop yields need to increase dramatically to feed the growing global population. Wouldn't it be ...
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Can we boost crop yields by making photosynthesis better with genetic engineering?

Will an improvement of photosynthesis make up for the food shortfalls we expect to face in coming years? ...
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Researchers to begin rolling out disease-resistant, heat-tolerant grains to African farmers

There are four million people with limited access to food in Chad, which ranks as second hungriest of the 119 ...
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We must end ‘over-regulation’ of crop gene editing to halt global food insecurity, says prominent Canadian agricultural scientist

[W]hen it comes to food and agriculture, the future may be predictable, but it isn’t humorous. The current situation is ...

Global hunger and how agricultural biotechnology firms can profit by giving away technology

New research from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln shows that agricultural biotechnology companies can do well by doing good. Agricultural economists ...
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Climate change and rice: How some of the world’s poorest nations may suffer

Much of the world relies on rice. What happens when climate change threatens rice nutrition? ...

Agricultural innovation raises thorny ethical questions about overconsumption in the western world

Scientists at the Department of Agrobiotechnology research facility in the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Tulln, ...
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Calestous Juma: Africa needs its own Green Revolution based on science and technology

Africa can learn from the Green Revolution model—which saved up to one billion people from starvation—by bringing together government, academia, ...

Global hunger challenge requires mix of high-tech, GM and organic methods

As the world's population booms, solutions are needed to feed an additional 2 billion humans by 2050. Can organic and ...

Stopping global hunger will require mix of high-tech, GM, organic methods

As the world's population booms, leaders are looking for solutions for feeding an additional 2 billion humans. Can organic and ...
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