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Ugandan farmers now wonder if they will ever get access to GMO crops

Disease-resistant bananas, drought-resistant corn and other GMO crops developed by Ugandan scientists could help farmers increase yields, reduce pesticide use ...
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Ugandan journalist: How do you report on crop biotechnology when critics spread misinformation?

Genetic engineering could help Uganda combat some of its toughest food security challenges. But anti-GMO activists' misinformation campaigns are standing ...
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Hidden hunger: How anti-GMO activists are blocking humanitarian biofortification in Africa and Asia

Many crops grown in the developing world are deficient in nutritional qualities--which makes biofortification critical if we hope to improve ...
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Does Uganda need GMOs? Scientists look to gene editing to spur innovation

Even as scientists in Uganda and other African countries aggressively push for approvals of new disease-fighting GMO crops, the focus ...
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Uganda’s science march reveals love, frustration of young scientists

Student scientists join global march in support of science, offer their thoughts on where things stand in Uganda ...
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As disease threatens Uganda’s banana crop, ActionAid and anti-GMO groups fan fears

Uganda is an emerging battle ground where anti-GMO activists try to scuttle introduction of a transgenic banana that could rescue ...
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