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Viewpoint: FDA must do more to protect consumers from ‘outright fraud’ of dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are often ineffective, if not dangerous. What does the path to supplement legislation and regulation look like? ...
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What causes cancer? Challenge is distinguishing ‘between myth and reality’

Misleading information about what can and can't cause cancer is incredibly prevalent in our society ...
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Olympic gender confusion: Woman with too much testosterone required to take estrogen to compete while drug that blocks estrogen is banned

Erik Lief and Chuck Dinerstein have each weighed in with companion pieces about a highly controversial rule by the International Association of ...

Banning glyphosate: France may replace well-tested herbicide with pelargonic and other more toxic ‘natural’ chemicals

Activists say glyphosate can be replaced with natural herbicides—but "natural" doesn't necessarily mean that they're safer or better for the ...
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