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Metabolism, environment, lifestyle are better than genetics at predicting disease risk, study says

Many diseases have been associated with common gene mutations, or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). But how well do SNPs or ...
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Can’t lose weight? You may be able to blame this ‘cruel’ metabolic mechanism

Amanda Mull | 
In a study of former contestants on a season of the weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser, scientists found that ...
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Anorexia linked to metabolism in DNA study, opening new treatment avenues

Leah Asmelash, Saeed Ahmed | 
The way we treat anorexia may be changing, thanks to a new study linking the illness to metabolism. The study, ...
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Do genetics determine what we like to eat? Study finds no ‘smoking gun taste gene’

Chuck Dinerstein | 
A recent genome-wide association study found 17 genetic sites related to bitter beverage consumption ...

Why some types of obesity are worse than others

Amalio Telenti | 
Where you put on weight is as important as how much you put on ...
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Time to stop treating men and women the same when it comes to drug treatments

Ben Locwin | 
Studies have shown that males and females metabolize drugs differently, suggesting we should be spending more time studying those differences ...
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