Podcast: The surprising science of epigenetics—How a family of ‘Mickey Mouse mice’ overturned our understanding of heredity

Kat Arney takes a look at the world of epigenetics, finding out if more than DNA passes on to the ...

Bioprinting human ears inside living mice—all without a single surgical cut

Tissue engineering just got wilder and weirder. Using nothing but light and bioink, scientists were able to directly print a ...
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First gene-edited CRISPR COVID-19 mouse created; Opens door to study infections and develop therapies

Human cells and mice cells each express their own version of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), the membrane-bound receptor that ...
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Create a fetus without an egg or sperm? Researchers have done it with mice

Reproduction used to be a simple thing: two parents, one egg, one sperm, one embryo, one baby. But on [October ...
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Stem cell therapy helps mice regain their sense of smell. Will it work in humans?

Smells, like the tangy scent of the ocean or the acrid odor of smoke, are powerful cues that shape our ...
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Can we rejuvenate brain function by disabling this protein? It worked with older mice.

Scientists have shown that delivering blood from an old mouse into a young mouse or vice versa prompts a sort ...
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Can ‘flashing light and pulsing sounds’ counter the effects of Alzheimer’s?

Bathing patients in flashing light and pulsing sounds both tuned to a frequency of 40 hertz might reverse key signs ...
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Infrared vision? We’ve now given it to mice and humans could be next

[Researchers Tian Xue and Gang Han] modified the vision of mice such that they were able to see near-infrared light ...
1-30-2019 ti mouse gene drive feat

Rodent-targeting gene drive could be delivered through CRISPR

Scientists are getting closer to creating a genetic pest-control measure against rodents. Female mice engineered to carry a genetic cut-and-paste machine ...

Blasting rodents with cell phone radiation increased cancer risk. Here’s why that means nothing for humans

Last week the National Toxicology Program (NTP) issued an update on the results of the largest animal experiment to assess ...
Sleeping Mice

How brain scans of sleeping mice could help identify various types of autism in humans

Autism features vary considerably from one person to the next. One of the biggest challenges in autism research is to ...
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Video: How does the brain act on what it sees?

What we see often determines how we act: We hit the brakes if a car is stopped ahead of us ...
Canola oil causes Alzheimer's? How the media mis-covers science, feeds NGO misinformation and scares the public

Canola oil causes Alzheimer’s? How the media mis-covers science, feeds NGO misinformation and scares the public

Sensationalist press coverage fueled by a poorly written university press release misled the public about a recent study on mice—a ...
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CRISPR study reporting ‘off-target mutations’ draws skepticism from other researchers

A new study found an alarming number of “off-target mutations” in mice that had their genes edited with CRISPR. But ...
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