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‘Genome doping’: Gene-edited babies could change the world of athletics

With the taboo on human gene editing in the process of being shattered, children whose genomes have been modified before ...
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How a genetically modified morning glory was almost the 2020 Olympics mascot

Sebastian Cocioba, a 29-year-old college dropout and self-styled “plant hacker,” has lived there with his parents for the past decade ...

Olympic genes? China will use genetic tests to help choose its athletes

Chinese athletes aiming to represent their country in the 2022 Winter Olympics will undergo genetic testing as part of the ...
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Olympic gender confusion: Woman with too much testosterone required to take estrogen to compete while drug that blocks estrogen is banned

Erik Lief and Chuck Dinerstein have each weighed in with companion pieces about a highly controversial rule by the International Association of ...
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Defining gender and questioning the need for a ‘level playing field’ in elite athletics

The context surrounding the study of the impact of testosterone on elite athletes is essential in understanding its underlying hypothesis ...
Murray gene doping olympics tease now q

Olympic gene doping: How WADA is managing new performance-enhancing technologies

The start of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has once again brought questions of unethical athletic performance-enhancement, or doping, to ...
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Will genetic cyber-athletes come to dominate sports?

The era of the über-athlete may be nearer than most people think, and it will spark fierce ethical debates. The ...
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