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How animal memories can be harnessed in the quest to treat Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's trials are notoriously disappointing. The discovery that rats have episodic memory means researchers can test drugs before they move ...
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Séralini pseudoscience syndicate: Lessons learned from decade-long assault on biotechnology orchestrated by French geneticist

A look at Séralini's modus operandi can equip journalists and other interested observers to turn a critical eye on Séralini ...

Blasting rodents with cell phone radiation increased cancer risk. Here’s why that means nothing for humans

Last week the National Toxicology Program (NTP) issued an update on the results of the largest animal experiment to assess ...

Rats and hepatitis E: How animal diseases jump to humans

The first known case of rat hepatitis jumping to a human patient has reopened a long-standing mystery of how the ...

Pinpointing the internal clock that helps us mark the passage of time

Manmade clocks may precisely measure time, but, from a human perspective, the passage of time is remarkably fluid. It drags ...
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What can sexual pleasure teach us about behavioral learning?

Opiod receptors in our brain are triggered when we have sex. Researching this mechanism can tell us a lot about ...
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Global scientists assess homeopathy-funded Séralini study claiming all GMO tests ‘contaminated’

Scientists from North American and Europe weigh on on the latest Séralini study, published after a two week delay after ...
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