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Regenerative medicine and war: The next breakthrough in treating injured veterans?

Many Americans, and indeed people all over the world, were outraged when reports surfaced this past summer that President Trump ...
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Video: These ‘micro-machines’ could repair our bodies and clean our oceans

Measuring less than a millimeter wide, these micro-machines are programmable lifeforms that researchers from the University of Vermont and Tufts ...

Japan’s quest to be world leader in regenerative medicine sparks surge in questionable stem cell treatments

In the United States, authorities have grappled with a surge of clinics selling therapies that are unsupported by evidence and, ...

Can we cure baldness with stem cell-based ‘hair farms’?

The physiology of balding has long vexed even the most entrepreneurial of scientists. Despite a rare confluence of commercial forces ...
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Viewpoint: Stem cell therapies have potential, but commercial industry is ‘still shady, full of hype’

In case anyone was wondering, the commercial stem cell clinic business is still shady and full of hype, profiteering, and ...
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Are we on the verge of extending human life with ‘regenerative superpowers’?

The excessive demand for donated organs will only intensify as technologies like self-driving cars make the world safer, given that ...

Growing our own bones: Another step in regenerative medicine?

[Nina] Tandon is co-founder and CEO of EpiBone, a company working on custom-growing bones using patients’ own stem cells. In a ...

We need transplantable organs. How far should we go to get them?

Human organs are vital to saving human lives, but how far should we go to create them? ...

Making sense of crowdfunding for unapproved stem cell treatments

When FDA approval for a technology or treatment lags behind demand, crowdfunding steps in. Desperate patients or their families launch ...

Time to amend human embryo research ’14-day rule’?

The rule that cuts off research on human embryos at 14 days gestation is based on an arbitrary time limit ...

2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein and Johnson on Biomedical Research

GLP continues its series on the presidential candidate's positions on genetics and biotechnology. Today we assess Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and ...
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Why it matters that Sanders aligns with conservatives on funding stem cell and cloning research

Bernie Sanders has consistently aligned with social conservatives on human cloning and stem cell research. What could this mean for ...
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