Viewpoint: Science denialism threatens the potential of gene-edited crops

Undermining science that does not fit into one's intellectual or political framework is dangerous ...

Anti-GMO forces target New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) despite similarities to conventional crops

The same meritless arguments leveled against GMOs resurface for New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) ...
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Money magnets: Wall Street enamored by promise of human gene editing, gene therapies

Venture capitalists and investors are pouring money into the genomics sector, seeking to capitalize on breakthroughs in CRISPR gene editing ...

Viewpoint: Regulatory overreach looms as obstacle for New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) in agriculture

The fast-moving world of plant breeding — fueled by advances in CRISPR and other techniques — has tossed a wrench ...
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Genetic engineering promises cornucopia of future products—but biotechnology critics take lethal aim

Genetic engineering may soon be giving us products that appear to be pulled from the realm of science fiction. Researchers ...
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Gene-editing advances put us at the dawn of a revolution in medicine

So much of the public's attention is focused on the use of genetic engineering in the crops that our farmers ...
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Animal breeders are blocked worldwide from using genetic engineering. Here’s why.

Stringent regulations have made it almost impossible for GE animals to be approved for sale in the US. It took ...
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