‘A huge amount of wasted effort’: Most COVID-19 studies too small to yield real results

Erin Riglin, Matthew Herper | 
1,200 clinical trials aimed at testing treatment and prevention strategies against Covid-19 [have been designed] since the start of January ...

3 common misconceptions about the ‘dangers’ of genetic engineering and GMOs

Marc Brazeau | 
Here is the evidence to put these misconceptions to rest ...
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Why are most human genes ignored by researchers?

Katherine Lindemann, Thomas Stoeger | 
There are around 20,000 human protein-coding genes, but recent studies have suggested scientists actively study only about 2,000 of them. New ...
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GMO 20-year safety endorsement: 280 science institutions, more than 3,000 studies

Daniel Norero | 
Despite vehement public debate, there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that GE foods present no greater risk than non-GMO crops, ...
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Claims of nutritional superiority of organic milk, meat challenged by scientists

Andrew Porterfield, Jon Entine | 
Two new papers published in the British Journal of Nutrition claim that organic milk and meat is more nutritious, but ...
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