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Video: Biotech firm Syngenta defends GMO crops, Impossible Burger as climate change mitigation tools

Syngenta Chief Executive Officer Erik Fyrwald discusses the need to help farmers adapt to climate change, genetically-modified food and the ...
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Soybean designed to grow on exhausted pasture land could help protect Amazon rainforest

Arthur Neslen | 
The agrichemical giant Syngenta wants to go green by developing specific varieties of soybeans to be grown away from the ...
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Is ‘Big Ag’ getting into the cannabis business?

Hannah Wallace | 
When Mowgli Holmes and his childhood friend Nishan Karassik founded Phylos Bioscience in 2014 they had one major goal: to ...
Bayer owns the global food supply? Seed company mergers haven't inflated prices, stifled innovation, study shows

Bayer owns the global food supply? Seed company mergers haven’t inflated prices, stifled innovation, study shows

Koen Deconinck | 
•Detailed data show that concentration in seed markets varies strongly across crops and countries. •There is no clear evidence of ...

Following debut of biotech firm Corteva, farm sector ‘more consolidated than ever’

Jacob Bunge | 
Corteva Agriscience Inc.’s first day as a stand-alone company is a milestone in an agricultural deal making spree that has ...
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Viewpoint: Biotech industry should rebuild EU’s trust in science to foster farming innovation

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The global environmental challenges are changing too fast and we therefore need speedy reactions too, including innovative plant breeding technologies ...

Viewpoint: Should we be concerned that three biotech companies may control 70 percent of agrochemical industry?

Elsadig Elsheikh, Hossein Ayazi | 
In the past two years alone, three major corporate mergers have begun to reshape what was an already concentrated international ...

Shill gambit: Are geneticists who work for corporations less ethical than university researchers?

Layla Katiraee | 
Scientists who work for corporations, particularly in the agricultural or pharmaceutical industries, often face accusations that they are "shills," and ...
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