Viewpoint: Biotech industry should rebuild EU’s trust in science to foster farming innovation

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The global environmental challenges are changing too fast and we therefore need speedy reactions too, including innovative plant breeding technologies and digitization, Alexandra Brand, chief sustainability officer at agri-food giant Syngenta, told in an interview.

“There are dramatic changes when it comes to the environment and biodiversity loss. What we will do differently is that we will take food chain partners and growers into the way we innovate and into our decision-making […] we will do that collaboratively,” Brand said.

Brand said plant breeding innovation was one of these technologies the company was looking for….The Syngenta official also said the digitization of the sector would also be crucial to better predict diseases for crops considering the numerous different species re-appear because of climate change.“Digital tools can help growers much more precisely fight a disease.”


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Brand said there was a lack of trust in science in Europe….“From my perspective, what we first need is a really open and very transparent discussion […] we want to accelerate innovation in a very different, much more open and transparent manner than in the past.”

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