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Support for crop gene editing in UK, Europe grows as legislators aim to expand sustainable farming

Asked about the potential for biotech and gene editing in the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), the EU’s new flagship ...

Green Party defends Europe’s simultaneous ban on gene-edited crops and use of biotech in medicine

Natasha Foote | 
[Editor's note: In June a faction of Germany's Green Party argued it was time the EU revised its strict regulation ...

Anti-biotech groups call for EU-wide ban on disease-fighting gene drives, defying scientists’ recommendations

Natasha Foote | 
[Editor's note: More than 78 European environmental and agricultural organizations have signed a letter calling for a moratorium on gene ...
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Farm to Fork tempest: EU defends plan to make 25 percent of agriculture organic, ignoring farmer skepticism

Natasha Foote | 
[Editor's note: EU farmers are skeptical of a new government initiative to make 25 percent of Europe's farmland organic by ...

UK environment secretary backs relaxed CRISPR crop rules, but says GMO restrictions won’t change

Natasha Foote | 
Addressing MPs via video call, [UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice] said that “gene ...
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Before restricting Roundup weedkiller, EU lawmakers want to know how it could affect farmers

Natasha Foote | 
Any potential reduction of glyphosate in the EU should be preceded by an impact assessment exploring the consequence for farmers, ...
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Viewpoint: Greenpeace lobbies to ban fungicides that kill cancer-causing mycotoxins

Bill Wirtz | 
A vast network of organizations, including known players such as Greenpeace, are throwing a myriad of unscientific publications at the ...
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EU Food Safety Authority defends pesticide risk studies activists call ‘unfit for purpose’

Natasha Foote | 
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published the results of its two pilot assessments on the risks posed to ...
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Viewpoint: Modern ‘post-truth’ politics ignores sustainability benefits of GMOs and pesticides

Fred Roeder | 
As Africa shows, locust plagues can be devastating for food security, and climate science enables us to detect that certain ...
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Greenpeace proposes law to cut EU meat consumption 80% by 2050, to just three burgers per week

Aline Robert | 
The world’s leading medical journal, The Lancet, recommends that in 2050, people should be consuming a maximum of 300 grams ...
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Biofortification from Golden Rice and other biotech crops could help cut $3.5 trillion lost annually to malnutrition

Ajay Kohli, Joanna Dupont-Inglis | 
Over two billion people worldwide continue to suffer from hidden hunger, or the lack of essential micronutrients, which impairs the ...
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Transgenic GMOs will remain banned in Italy, agriculture minister says, but cisgenic gene editing could help sustain nation’s crop diversity

Angelo di Mambro | 
Italy’s agricultural minister Teresa Bellanova has expressed an interest in developing sustainable biotechnology, in the light of a milestone agreement ...
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‘Maladapted’ EU regulation hinders non-toxic biopesticide development, despite growing farmer demand

Natasha Foote | 
Biological pesticides are rapidly gaining attention as a sustainable and viable environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticides. However, they are ...
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EU officials open to ‘science-based’ decision making on CRISPR crops, USDA’s Sonny Perdue says

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
When it comes to food, EU policymakers should make science-based decisions if they want to help European their farmers tackle ...
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France’s new pesticide-free zones threaten country’s vineyards, winegrowers say

Cécile Barbière | 
The idea of so-called pesticide-free zones (or non-treatment zones) has gradually emerged as a solution to protect against the harmful ...
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European ‘Green Deal’ stripped of proposal to develop ‘innovative strategies,’ including gene editing

Florence Schulz | 
The Green Deal submitted [Dec. 11] left out two controversial passages to agriculture. The debate on genetic engineering and pesticide ...
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Farm to Fork strategy: New EU Agriculture Commissioner wants to boost organic farming

Natasha Foote | 
The EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, highlighted the promotion of organic farming as a key aim for the new ...

French seed firm strikes gene editing licensing deal, despite CRISPR’s uncertain future in EU

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
Despite the ongoing legal uncertainty over the future of new plant breeding innovation in Europe, US agricultural company Corteva Agriscience ...
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EU CRISPR-edited crop rules still unclear, a year after landmark court ruling

Natasha Foote | 
After the controversial European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in 2018 that organisms obtained by new plant breeding techniques (NBTs) ...
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EU Health Commissioner: Let’s talk about GMOs, CRISPR, because 100-year-old farming methods aren’t sustainable

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
“We cannot achieve sustainability with the exact same production models that we used 100 years ago when all the other ...
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Viewpoint: New EU Parliament should stop ‘shunning science’ and embrace GMOs

Beat Späth | 
The recently elected European Parliament (EP) should bring with it a ray of hope. Hope that Europe will rise to ...

Bayer: No glyphosate alternative will ‘magically’ appear in next 5 years

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
In the next five years, no alternative to glyphosate is going to “magically” appear in the market, Dr Bob Reiter, ...

Debate over GMO, CRISPR crop rules ‘essential’ as EU agriculture adapts to changing climate

Florence Schulz | 
In the hot summer of 2018, German farmers received €340 million in drought aid, and it will certainly not be ...
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Plant breeders will move CRISPR gene-editing programs out of EU without updated regulations, industry group says

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
A number of breeding companies have promised to relocate their advanced mutagenesis breeding programs outside Europe and others will follow ...
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14 EU nations call for ‘unified’ CRISPR crop regulation to boost sustainable farming

Gerardo Fortuna | 
The Netherlands and Estonia are leading a coalition of 14 EU member states calling on the next European Commission to ...
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EU Commission prepares for possible ‘overhaul’ of GMO crop rules to address CRISPR gene editing

Gerardo Fortuna | 
The EU executive has already prepared the ground for a new initiative on gene editing to overhaul the current GMO ...
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Viewpoint: Biotech industry should rebuild EU’s trust in science to foster farming innovation

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The global environmental challenges are changing too fast and we therefore need speedy reactions too, including innovative plant breeding technologies ...
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EU health commissioner calls for updated CRISPR-edited crop rules

Sarantis Michalopoulos | 
The ‘new plant breeding techniques’ need new EU legislation that takes into account the latest advanced technologies, EU Health Commissioner ...