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Europe could become an ‘agricultural museum’ unless it embraces crop gene editing, officials warn

Europe could become an ‘agricultural museum’ unless it embraces crop gene editing, officials warn

EurActiv | 
Speaking during the AGRI Committee debate, right-wing MEP Mazaly Aguilar raised a concern that, by imposing new restrictions on the ...
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UK launches consultation that could roll back restrictive CRISPR crop rules, unlock ‘substantial benefits’

EurActiv | 
In one of its first post-Brexit moves, England has launched a consultation on gene editing in a bid to unlock ...
EU needs new guidelines to evaluate environmental impact of gene-drive mosquitoes, food safety officials say

EU needs new guidelines to evaluate environmental impact of gene-drive mosquitoes, food safety officials say

EurActiv | 
After being mandated by the European Commission, [European Food Safety Authority's] experts on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) published the scientific ...

European countries can ban pesticides even if approved by EU, continent’s highest court rules

EurActiv | 
Europe’s highest court [European Court of Justice, ECJ] has concluded that member states have the right to ban pesticides even ...
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Europe approves imports of new GM herbicide-resistant soy, despite objections from Green Party, organic advocates

EurActiv | 
The genetically modified (GM) soybean, the XtendFlex, was approved after a comprehensive authorization procedure, including a scientific assessment by the ...
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Gene-editing amendment to UK agriculture bill withdrawn, delaying farmer access to CRISPR crops

EurActiv | 
An amendment tabled in the new UK agriculture bill, designed to allow access to new gene-editing technology, has been withdrawn ...

Europe’s young farmers want to use latest sustainability tools—including gene editing

EurActiv | 
Young farmers’ organization, the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), took a generally positive but cautious view on the Commission’s ...
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Support for crop gene editing in UK, Europe grows as legislators aim to expand sustainable farming

EurActiv | 
Asked about the potential for biotech and gene editing in the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), the EU’s new flagship ...

Green Party defends Europe’s simultaneous ban on gene-edited crops and use of biotech in medicine

EurActiv | 
[Editor's note: In June a faction of Germany's Green Party argued it was time the EU revised its strict regulation ...

Anti-biotech groups call for EU-wide ban on disease-fighting gene drives, defying scientists’ recommendations

EurActiv | 
[Editor's note: More than 78 European environmental and agricultural organizations have signed a letter calling for a moratorium on gene ...
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Farm to Fork tempest: EU defends plan to make 25 percent of agriculture organic, ignoring farmer skepticism

EurActiv | 
[Editor's note: EU farmers are skeptical of a new government initiative to make 25 percent of Europe's farmland organic by ...

UK environment secretary backs relaxed CRISPR crop rules, but says GMO restrictions won’t change

EurActiv | 
Addressing MPs via video call, [UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice] said that “gene ...
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Before restricting Roundup weedkiller, EU lawmakers want to know how it could affect farmers

EurActiv | 
Any potential reduction of glyphosate in the EU should be preceded by an impact assessment exploring the consequence for farmers, ...
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EU Food Safety Authority defends pesticide risk studies activists call ‘unfit for purpose’

EurActiv | 
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published the results of its two pilot assessments on the risks posed to ...
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‘Maladapted’ EU regulation hinders non-toxic biopesticide development, despite growing farmer demand

EurActiv | 
Biological pesticides are rapidly gaining attention as a sustainable and viable environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticides. However, they are ...
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Farm to Fork strategy: New EU Agriculture Commissioner wants to boost organic farming

EurActiv | 
The EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, highlighted the promotion of organic farming as a key aim for the new ...
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EU CRISPR-edited crop rules still unclear, a year after landmark court ruling

EurActiv | 
After the controversial European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in 2018 that organisms obtained by new plant breeding techniques (NBTs) ...
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