Podcast: Trans women in female-only sports; Men and women need distinct brain tumor therapies; Illegal GMOs in Peru

Podcast: Trans women in female-only sports; Men and women need distinct brain tumor therapies; Illegal GMOs in Peru

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
Should trans women be allowed to compete in female-only sports? It's a polarizing question with no easy answer in a ...
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Self medication: Blocked from drugs by the medical establishment, many transgender people resort to black-market hormones

Tara Santora | 
For the first 10 months of Christine’s gender transition, a progressive LGBT health clinic in Boston made getting on hormones ...
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How should trans athletes qualify for women’s sports?

Britni de la Cretaz | 
In 2004, the nationally ranked long-distance runner [Joanna Harper] started hormone therapy (HT) as part of her transition to female ...
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Trump administration drops transgender health protections

Ariana Eunjung Cha | 
The Trump administration on Friday [June 12] reversed non-discrimination protections for transgender people in health care, a policy shift that ...

Viewpoint: Prohibiting treatment of transgender teens ignores reality of gender dysphoria

Ricki Lewis | 
New study delves into the genetics of individuals with gender dysphoria ...
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Does the ‘genetics revolution’ unsettle you? Here is a guide, and reasons to be hopeful

Ricki Lewis | 
I'm thrilled that DNA science has become so much more tangible and practical. Yet we must use the information wisely ...
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Why lumping transgender teens into a single group in mental health studies is missing an opportunity to help them

Megan Thielking | 
The disparities are staggering: A growing body of research suggests that transgender teens experience suicidal thoughts and attempt to take ...

Gender nonconforming Americans can now choose neither male nor female on their licenses in many states

Janet Adamy | 
A growing number of states and companies are allowing people to designate their gender as “X” instead of male or ...

As arguments rage over the sources of transgender identity, science weighs in

Ross Pomeroy | 
Discussing gender dysphoria and brain differences in transgender populations ...
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Transgender men experience masculinity differently

Tara Bahrampour | 
We spoke with ... men who transitioned as adults to the bodies in which they feel more comfortable. ... [T]heir ...

Here’s what we really know about transgender genetics—so far

Ricki Lewis | 
The week started strangely. On [March 19], the author of a new book on transgender identity emailed me, asking about ...
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