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Viewpoint: Anti-GMO activists ignore science when debating glyphosate safety

There are encouraging signs that people are beginning to tune out the activist propaganda ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Big Ag’ owns scientists who endorse safety of GMOs? Busting the anti-biotech movement’s favorite myth

Scientists are generally inclined to dislike big companies--but they know that biotechnology has made our food supply safer and more ...
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Viewpoint: Why we can’t seem to bridge the gulf that divides pro- and anti-GMO forces

The opposition to GMOs is based not on scientific evidence, but on personal values and ideology. In effect, the two ...

Viewpoint: How organic activists use intimidation and character assassination to attack GMOs

In Part 1,  I described the vendetta by the Russian government's propaganda apparatus against technologies like fracking and modern genetic ...
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Prominent anti-GMO NGOs and organic businesses partnered with Russia to ‘smear’ American agriculture

It's no secret that although the Internet has vastly improved our lives in many respects, it has downsides — less ...

Did the EPA and Monsanto conspire to hide glyphosate’s health risks?

A recent op-ed in the Sacramento Bee repeated the debunked conspiracy theory that Monsanto manipulated the EPA to hide evidence ...

Double standard? Facing FOIA demand, California sides with anti-chemical professor, blocking email release

Why did the University of California reject a Freedom of Information request for an "anti-chemical" professor's emails, while handing over ...
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Opinion: GMO opponents in ‘frenzied heat’ trying to discredit Food Evolution movie

Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle and other anti-GMO activists have complained that the documentary Food Evolution is nothing more than a ...
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Glyphosate in wine and cereal? Why dubious detection methods undermine GMO scare claims

Two NGO commissioned studies found parts per billion concentrations of glyphosate in wine and oatmeal. Are these findings cause for ...
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