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Viewpoint: FDA needs to regulate alcohol companies that imply non-GMO cocktails are healthy

When liquor companies start promoting the health benefits of cocktails, you know it’s time for the feds to get serious ...

GMO Free label movement spins out of control—Now it’s on cat litter and condoms

From acai to condoms, companies are capitalizing on anti-GMO fervor, with misleading labels. At bus stops all over my neighborhood are ...

Talking Biotech: Meet the liquor store owner boycotting Smirnoff’s ‘non-GMO’ vodka

Meet Allison Nondorf, a farmer and co-owner of A&C Liquid Assets in Kansas. The liquor store refuses to sell Smirnoff's ...

Absolut failure: Kansas farm family takes stand against fear-based non-GMO vodka marketing

I don’t throw the word hero around very often, but in this case the cape fits. Out on the vast ...
OMGJonathanVanNe HR

Are Smirnoff’s GMO-free vodka labels illegal?

Smirnoff, a vodka brand, has tried to place itself under a health halo by claiming it is not only gluten-free but ...
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