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‘Wearable sensors’ could provide early warning system for aggressive autism traits

In one corner of the classroom, rocking back and forth, sits Julio, 16. Julio was not always aggressive. He was ...
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Viewpoint: We should be skeptical of memory boosting promises by wearable brain stimulators like ‘Humm’

I came across a brain stimulation device called Humm that promises to improve your cognitive function and memory if you ...
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Heart monitoring by Fitbit, other wearables, may be less accurate for people with dark skin

Nearly all of the largest manufacturers of wearable heart rate trackers rely on technology that could be less reliable for ...
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Why we need to be skeptical of claims about the benefits of brain wearables

[Brain] wearables are touted as ways to curb stress, sleep better, boost creativity or athleticism, or even address serious medical ...

Fertility quest: How technology has fueled quantum leaps

Nanotech, artificial intelligence, wearables and biological engineering are among the new high tech ways to knock you up, stop your ...
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