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Viewpoint: Why we need to remove 'politically-motivated regulatory barriers' hindering genetically modified crop innovation

Viewpoint: Why we need to remove ‘politically-motivated regulatory barriers’ hindering genetically modified crop innovation

Genetically modified (GM) organisms and crops have been a feature of food production for over 30 years. Despite extensive science-based ...

GMO Safety and Regulations

University of California Riverside | 
Calls for increased regulation do not account for the robust review already in place. The safety of GM food and ...

Why are “public good” GMO products sitting on developers’ shelves?

GEN | 
The U.S. National Academies of Science, as part of a new two-year study into the safety of genetically engineered crops, ...

General Mills turns to ‘Raja Of The Country Of World Peace’ to certify its costlier, non-GMO Cheerios

Forbes | 
Recently, cereal makers General Mills and Post announced that they had reformulated their flagship brands (Cheerios and Grape Nuts, respectively) to avoid ...

Who’s afraid of GMOs?

National Post | 
Who's afraid of GMOs?National PostJeremy Rifkin was the first junk dealer to make big money by scaring people about the ...
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