Who’s afraid of GMOs?

Who's afraid of GMOs?National PostJeremy Rifkin was the first junk dealer to make big money by scaring people about the potential dangers of genetic engineering. Rifkin is no scientist, but an economist and prolific story spinner — the author of numerous books such as Algeny (1983 ...

The following is an excerpt. 

GMO technologies have given us many useful products, from human insulin to safer crops grown with fewer pesticides. Moreover, in over 30 years of experience, according to authoritative sources such as the U.S. National Academies and the American Medical Association, there is not one documented case of harm to humans, animals or the environment from GM products. That is an impressive track record, considering the extent of GM products in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food and industrial applications.

So why are so many still fearful of this technology? One simple answer is junk science, and its carefully crafted use as a weapon of mass fear.

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