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German measles likely jumped from bats to humans, much like COVID, raising concerns about future virus outbreaks

Science | 
An estimated 100,000 newborns are affected by the [rubella virus] annually, mostly in Africa, the western Pacific, and the eastern ...
Ancient DNA from mysterious culture highlights North Africa's role as 'important crossroads'

Ancient DNA from mysterious culture highlights North Africa’s role as ‘important crossroads’

Science | 
About 15,000 years ago, in the oldest known cemetery in the world, people buried their dead in sitting positions with ...
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How choosing genetically similar partners shapes our genomes

Science | 
Chances are, you’re going to marry someone a lot like you. Similar intelligence, similar height, similar body weight. A new ...
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Ancient incompatibility: Why human females and Neanderthal males had difficulty conceiving

Science | 
After years of sequencing the genomes of female Neandertals, researchers have finally got their first good look at the Y ...
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Neanderthal-human mating reintroduced lost African genes, for better and worse

Science | 
When Neandertals mated with modern humans, they shared more than an intimate moment and their own DNA. They also gave ...
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Ancient ‘Tianyuan man’ is full-fledged Homo sapiens

Science | 
When scientists excavated a 40,000-year-old skeleton in China in 2003, they thought they had discovered the offspring of a Neandertal and ...
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What do your Neanderthal genes do?

Science | 
By sequencing a remarkably complete genome from a 50,000-year-old bone fragment of a female Neandertal found in Vindija Cave in ...
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Why New Guinea islanders are among the most genetically diverse people in the world

Science | 
If you travel the meandering Sepik River of New Guinea, it quickly becomes apparent that from one bend to the ...

Humans move around and fool around: There’s no such thing as a ‘pure’ country or civilization

Science | 
When the first busloads of migrants from Syria and Iraq rolled into Germany 2 years ago, some small towns were ...

Ancient skeleton offers proof of deep roots of Pacific Northwest tribes

Science | 
The Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest have always claimed to have deep roots in the region. Now, an ancient ...
Indian migrants

Almost all human ancestors migrated out of Africa 50,000 years ago at same time

Science | 
Although Australia is halfway around the world from our species’s accepted birthplace in Africa, the continent is nevertheless home to ...

High energy gives humans bigger brains, more fat than other primates

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. We may not be ...

Ancient DNA reveals modern humans evolved much earlier than thought

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  In a remarkable technical ...

‘European’ genetic traits evolved recently, spread rapidly over continent

Science | 
The origins of Europeans have come into sharp focus as researchers have sequenced the genomes of ancient populations, rather than ...

Real paleo human microbiome specially designed for hunter-gatherer diet

Science | 
Eat like a hunter-gatherer and you’ll be healthier—so goes the thinking behind so-called paleo diets. But a new study suggests ...

Newly discovered jawbone fuels mystery of ancient human evolution

A fisherman who pulled in his nets 25 kilometers off the coast of Taiwan got a surprising catch: the lower ...
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