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what is horizontal gene transfer jd

Horizontal gene transfer: The tricky part of evolution never imagined by Charles Darwin

Anthropocene | 
Biologists have long recognized that the boundaries of one species may blur into another—by the process of hybridism, for instance ...

‘The Tangled Tree’: Book explores what’s wrong with Darwin’s theory of evolution

National Geographic | 
Until recently, the central tenets of Darwin’s theory of evolution, from how heredity works to the gradual variation in species, had ...

Discovering a ‘third kingdom’: How this scientist upended Darwin’s ‘tree of life’

New York Times | 
On Nov. 3, 1977, a new scientific revolution was heralded to the world — but it came cryptically, in slightly ...

Finding Ebola’s hiding place key to stopping another major outbreak

National Geographic | 
No one foresaw, back in December 2013, that the little boy who fell ill in a village called Méliandou, in ...