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Trust the experts: Scientific scrutiny, government oversight show GMOs ‘at least as safe’ as traditional foods

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[Editor's note: David Tribe is a senior lecturer in food biotechnology and microbiology, agriculture and food systems, at the University ...
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Charles Benbrook funded by Big Organic to publish on issues central to their anti-GMO market strategy

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The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. [Editor’s Note: For more ...
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Indian farmer suicide more closely linked to small farm size and rain reliance than GMO cotton

An interesting new paper (Gutierrez 2015 cited below) discusses the way in which rain-fed cotton could be managed in India ...
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German agency says IARC glyphosate decision based on poor evidence

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The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) commented as rapporteur for the active ingredient glyphosate as part of the ...
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Raw organic milk implicated in death of Australian child

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Mountain View Organic are a food marketing company with high flown rhetoric about 'kind farming and good health practices". Mountain ...

Dung factor: Why organic farming yields can never match conventional farming

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In the last year or so the claim that organic farming methods can feed the world has come up several ...

Who’s responsible for regulating GM food in Australia?

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With the advent of crop genetic engineering in the 1980s, public controversy and intense public scrutiny over genetically modified (GM) ...

Simplot discusses GE potato that doesn’t brown or produce cancer-causing acrylamide

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Biology Fortified sent Simplot some questions about their GE Simplot potato that doesn’t brown when cut or fried, nor does ...

Latest twists in the Seralini saga

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Dr. Gilles-Eric Séralini, whose controversial research reporting genetically modified corn causes cancer in mammalian species (published in Food and Chemical Toxicology and ...
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Vandana Shiva scandal deepens, as Beloit College botches response to criticism

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After bungling its invitation to Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva, who misrepresents her credentials and promotes the myth that the ...

Despite controversial claims, RNA in genetically modified food does not affect human genes

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Can RNA from a strain of genetically modified wheat silence human DNA? This recent question on GMO Answers, an industry-run ...

Ecoterrorism in the Philippines funded by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

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[The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation] financially supports Philippine activist group MASIPAG and supposedly addresses the effects of the Green ...

Golden Rice myths given careful scrutiny

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In the comments section of David Tribe's recent piece, "For GM food and vaccination, the panic virus is a deadly ...
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Campaigns against vaccination, GMOs reflect similar biases

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The backlash against GMOs reflects a broader anti-science sentiment which delays important emerging technologies ...

Sunlight triggers jumping gene DNA rearrangement in corn

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Genetic parasites consisting of small sets of mobile genes are common in plant chromosomes, and those in corn have been ...

David Tribe: New EU GE legislation has no scientific justification for mandatory animal feeding trials

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The following is an edited excerpt. This commentary focuses on the potential added value of and need for (sub)-chronic testing ...

For science denialism, visit Food Democracy Now

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The following is an editorial summary. David Tribe uses images from the "Food Democracy Now!" Facebook page to highlight the ...
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“GMOs make pigs sick” paper avoids rigorous analysis

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New research claiming GM foods hurt pigs is more fishing expedition than proper science ...

Frankenfood or crops of the future? Gaps in the perception of GM food safety

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Humans have always faced tricky safety problems with food because we eat plants, which are the most ingenious pesticide chemists ...