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None of the leading COVID vaccine candidates will likely generate protective antibodies for very long. Is there a shot that could?

LeapsMag | 
[S]ome scientists question whether [COVID vaccines currently in testing] will produce a strong and long-lasting immunity, especially if they aren't ...

Meet Grunya Sukhareva, the forgotten woman who defined autism

Spectrum | 
[In 1924,] a gifted young doctor, Grunya Efimovna Sukhareva, saw [a 12-year-old] boy. Caring and attentive, she observed him with ...
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Climate change could accelerate demand for robot farmers

JSTOR Daily | 
It’s harvest season in the Northern hemisphere, so farmers head into the fields to gather the fruit of their hard ...
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How our understanding of the behavioral characteristics of autism has evolved

Spectrum | 
You can draw a straight line from the initial descriptions of many conditions – claustrophobia, for example, or vertigo – ...

How bacteria inspired the birth of CRISPR gene editing

Mental Floss | 
Within a few years, the study of CRISPR had moved beyond fundamental research into a full-fledged gene-editing revolution that enabled ...

What can Iranian scientists teach the West about stem cell research?

Mental Floss | 
[In the past 14 years, Iran has] made great strides in stem cell research. And now that Iran is losing ...

Growing your own bones

Fox News | 
In just a few years, you might be able to grow your own replacement bones from stem cells ...
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