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Infographic: No more shots? Next-gen vaccine ‘sheets’ melt on the tongue

The Scientist | 
Two issues influencing the accessibility of many vaccines are their needs for constant refrigeration from production until use and for ...
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Fighting malaria: Genetically modified parasites offer promising but incomplete protection

The Scientist | 
Two clinical trials, in which subjects were vaccinated with genetically engineered Plasmodium parasites and later exposed to the malaria-causing microbe, ...
human chromosomes

Infographic: Creating artificial human chromosomes

The Scientist | 
To convert a piece of cloned DNA into a centromere-containing human artificial chromosome (HAC), an array of repeated LacO sequences ...

‘It’s very encouraging’: Experimental gene therapy shows promise for glioblastoma patients in clinical trial

The Scientist | 
An inducible, tumor-localized gene therapy has been tested for the first time in glioblastoma patients. The two-part approach, which involves ...

Understanding what happens when routine touching becomes agony

The Scientist | 
It shouldn’t hurt to put on socks, wash hands, or walk about, but for some people with damaged nerves, certain ...
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Could a pill replicate the Alzheimer’s defense gained through exercise?

The Scientist | 
Mice that model a severe form of Alzheimer’s disease tend to exhibit improved memory after exercise-induced neuron production, according to ...

Does sunshine make us smarter? UV exposure boosts mouse brainpower

The Scientist | 
The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a major cause of skin cancer, but it offers some health benefits too, such ...
New Lettuce

Korean researchers develop gene editing technique that does not introduce foreign DNA

The Scientist | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The ongoing quest to ...

Brain structures communicate through ‘post office’ system

The Scientist | 
Scientists have achieved a greater understanding of the mammalian brain’s connectivity by showing that the hippocampus—a central information processing hub—sends ...

Neuron diversity might shape personality and ability

The Scientist | 
Genomic analyses of single human neurons—either from postmortem brains or those derived in culture—reveal a considerable degree of DNA copy ...

Fighting Viruses with RNAi

The Scientist | 
Plants, fungi, and invertebrates use RNA interference (RNAi) to fend off invading viruses. Mammals, on the other hand, are known ...

New technique for simultaneous gene visualization and epigenetic analysis

The Scientist | 
Techniques exist to visualize specific gene loci within tissue sections. And separate test-tube experiments exist to determine those genes’ epigenetic ...

Scientists create gene therapy virus that targets the retina

The Scientist | 
The following is an excerpt. Using mouse eyes as a setting for directed evolution, scientists have created a new version ...
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