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experts many reasons other than lung cancer to quit smoking

Tumor ‘black box’ could pinpoint the cause of each patient’s cancer, researchers say

Telegraph | 
The cause of cancer is written into the DNA of tumours, scientists have discovered, in a breakthrough which could finally ...
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Why did Holocaust survivors live longer than other Jews?

Telegraph | 
The horrors of the Holocaust were once thought to have inflicted a deadly legacy on the health of survivors. … But ...

Could controversial gene-editing scientist He Jiankui face the death penalty in China?

Telegraph | 
The Chinese scientist who created the world’s first genetically edited babies is living under armed guard and could face the ...
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First GMO crop in UK? Anti-biotech activists protest Rothamsted Research’s camelina field trials

Telegraph | 
Crops which have been genetically modified so they produce industrial products could be grown in Britain for the first time ...
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Growth in urban beekeeping hurting wild bees

Telegraph | 
The rise in amateur beekeepers keeping hives on roofs and gardens is contributing to the decline of wild bees, Cambridge ...
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How drinking alcohol ‘snaps’ DNA, raising your cancer risk

Telegraph | 
Drinking alcohol raises the risk of cancer by damaging DNA, scientists have discovered for the first time, leading health experts ...

Gene drives could combat exploding population of poison-resistant subway rats and other pests

Telegraph | 
Figures ... show that London councils receive 100 complaints about rats and mice each day with some local authorities reporting ...

Psychologists downplay role of genetics in mental health

Telegraph | 
While there has been some success in uncovering genes which make people more susceptible to various disorders, specialists say that ...
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Cheese and dairy consumption changed the shape of our jaws

Telegraph | 
Humans have small, slender heads and weaker jaws, because of our discovery of soft foods like cheese and dairy, a ...
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Identifying ‘arthritis gene’ that may have helped us survive Ice Age could revolutionize treatments

Telegraph | 
Researchers in the US have discovered that a gene mutation which increases the risk of arthritis evolved in the Ice Age to help ...
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Eggs in IVF treatments need both nature and nurture

Telegraph | 
Nurture is as important as nature when it comes to IVF, scientists have found, after showing that the chemical 'soup' ...

UK experts’ recommendation could make three-parent babies more common

Telegraph | 
Three-parent babies could finally be born in Britain next year after a panel set up by the fertility watchdog to ...
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Live mice created from artificial eggs for first time

Telegraph | 
Scientists in Japan proved it is possible to take tissue cells from the tail of a mouse, reprogrammed them as stem ...

‘New era of medicine?’ First children cured of genetic diseases with gene therapy

Telegraph | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. British doctors have cured ...
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Food sustainability expert says organic crops no healthier, have lower yields, waste land

Telegraph | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Organic food is not better than ...

Can dead brains be brought back to life? We may soon find out

Telegraph | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A groundbreaking trial to ...

New improved IVF procedure can put end to ‘test tube’ babies

Telegraph | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The end of the ...
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Rules force British organic farmers to use homeopathic remedies on their animals

Telegraph | 
British organic farmers are being forced to treat their livestock with homeopathic remedies under European Commission rules branded ‘scientifically illiterate’ ...
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First IVF baby in Europe born with DNA selected to eliminate muscular dystrophy risk

Telegraph | 
The first baby has been born in Europe from a new IVF procedure that checks embryos for devastating genetic disorders ...

GMO plant oil could be healthy, sustainable alternative for feeding salmon

Telegraph | 
Genetically modified plants created by British scientists to contain health boosting Omega-3 have been declared a safe alternative to fish ...
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Gene behind aggressive form of breast cancer identified

Telegraph | 
Scientists have identified the gene behind one of most aggressive forms of breast cancer in a breakthrough which could bring ...

Your dog’s body language shows whether he hears your command

Telegraph | 
If you are worried that your dog is not paying attention to what you are saying simply look at where ...

Can stem cells repair damaged eyes and reverse blindness?

Telegraph | 
Hundreds of thousands of people who are registered blind have been offered new hope after scientists discovered special stem cells ...

Three-parent IVF policy in Britain raises ethical debate

Telegraph | 
Three parent babies born from a controversial IVF technique which uses the donor DNA to fix genetic defects will never ...

Three-parent IVF possibly to begin next year in Britain

Telegraph | 
New regulations to allow mitochondrial DNA transfer will now be put before parliament following a three month consultation. If passed, ...

Older fathers have less attractive children because genetics

Telegraph | 
Older fathers have less attractive children because of extra genetic mutations in their genes, scientists have found. Children of older ...

Hacked relatives DNA information could expose your genetic secrets

Telegraph | 
The genetic information of hundreds of thousands of Britons could be revealed through ‘hacking’ into the DNA of their relatives ...

Gene for a thick cerebral cortex linked to high intelligence

Telegraph | 
A gene which may make people more intelligent has been discovered by scientists. Researchers have found that teenagers who had ...