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There are 6 different varieties of coronavirus, each with varying symptoms and severities

Henry Bodkin | 
Analysis of thousands of cases by artificial intelligence software has revealed different "clusters" of symptoms and ranked them in order ...
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COVID-19 coronavirus could ‘die out’ on its own without a vaccine, health expert suggests

Phoebe Southworth | 
Prof Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious diseases clinic at the Policlinico San Martino hospital in Italy, told The Telegraph ...
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UK biotech firm poised to test disease-resistant CRISPR bananas and coffee in South America

Hasan Chowdhury | 
Norwich food-tech firm Tropic Biosciences is set to push the development of its gene-edited bananas and coffee into field trials ...
european parliament

Europe streamlined approval process to weeks to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Why does it take more than a decade to get a GMO safety review?

Matt Ridley | 
At the start of the pandemic, China built a hospital in double-quick time and we all thought, “that’s why they ...
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Can CRISPR gene editing save the Cavendish banana from extinction?

Hasan Chowdhury | 
When it comes to tropical fruits, Norwich [UK] probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind. But here ...
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Is frozen 18,000-year-old puppy missing link between wolves and dogs?

Rozina Sabur | 
An 18,000-year-old puppy unearthed in Siberia could prove to be the missing link between dogs and wolves, scientists believe. The puppy ...
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Viewpoint: Facing climate change, global hunger crisis, we should fix our ‘faulty food system’

Josh Wilson | 
Fixing the world’s “faulty food system” is increasingly being recognized as one of the key ways to fight climate change ...
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Brexit could lead Britain to ‘ditching EU’s mindless precaution and innovation-crushing rules on GMO crops’

Matt Ridley | 
Britain was once the world leader in biotechnology for agriculture, but that all changed 20 years ago when the environmental ...
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Tumor ‘black box’ could pinpoint the cause of each patient’s cancer, researchers say

Sarah Knapton | 
The cause of cancer is written into the DNA of tumours, scientists have discovered, in a breakthrough which could finally ...
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Why a happy marriage might be influenced by genetics

Henry Bodkin | 
The secret to a happy marriage lies in the genes, scientists have discovered, as new research finds a predisposition not to be ...
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US ambassador urges British public to reject protectionist ‘smears’ against American agriculture

Robert Johnson | 
[The first week of March] the United States published our objectives for a future trade deal with the UK. We are ...
1-13-2019 unnamed file

Why did Holocaust survivors live longer than other Jews?

Sarah Knapton | 
The horrors of the Holocaust were once thought to have inflicted a deadly legacy on the health of survivors. … But ...

Could controversial gene-editing scientist He Jiankui face the death penalty in China?

Sarah Knapton | 
The Chinese scientist who created the world’s first genetically edited babies is living under armed guard and could face the ...
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UK approves first gene-edited crop trial in Europe––for omega-3 oil boosting camelina

Charles Hymas | 
Gene-edited super-crops are to be sown in Britain in a European-first after scientists exploited a legal loophole. The Government has quietly ...

GMO bans leave Europe, Africa vulnerable to fall army worm invasion

Adrian Blomfield | 
A crop-destroying caterpillar that has devastated agriculture in Africa is poised to spread into southern Europe for the first time and ...
Millennials Obsessed With Food e

Most UK millennials unconcerned about eating GMO foods, poll finds

Victoria Ward | 
The advent of genetically modified crops caused a scandal in the 1990s. But the younger generation is largely relaxed about ...
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‘Anti-vaxxers’ are starting to focus on pets—even though they can’t get autism

Alastair Choy | 
Dogs cannot get ‘autism’, the British Veterinary Association has warned, after the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement spread to pets. 'Anti-vaxxers' believe that ...
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First GMO crop in UK? Anti-biotech activists protest Rothamsted Research’s camelina field trials

Sarah Knapton | 
Crops which have been genetically modified so they produce industrial products could be grown in Britain for the first time ...

First Britons had dark skin, DNA ear scraps found in 10,000 year-old ‘Cheddar Man’ reveal

Henry Bodkin | 
The earliest Britons were black-skinned, with dark curly hair and possibly blue eyes, new analysis of a 10,000-year-old Somerset skeleton ...