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‘Not just eye candy’: New mapping technique could help unlock brain’s mysteries

Singularity Hub | 
[In mid January], 18 institutions teamed up and devised a method to image entire brains 1,000 times faster than anything ...

Improving CRISPR gene editing of human cells with an ‘off switch’

Singularity Hub | 
For all its gene-editing prowess, mechanistically CRISPR is a bit like a power tool with a broken “off” switch. Hear ...
neonatal intensive care unit baby

How new technologies are ‘disrupting’ human reproduction

Singularity Hub | 
[On December 4], news of CRISPR-engineered babies launched a firestorm of debate on the future of human reproduction. … But even as ...

Can we restore ‘sight’ with brain implants, electrical currents?

Singularity Hub | 
In a sense, our eyes are sophisticated cameras; the brain’s visual cortex runs the software that tells us what we’re seeing. … What about ...

Can we use plants to grow human tissue and body parts?

Singularity Hub | 
[Dr. Andrew Pelling] wanted to see whether grocery-store-bought plants can supply the necessary structure for engineering replacement human tissues. … Under ...
big data

Personalized medicine, big data could lead to better control of our own health

Singularity Hub | 
At Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego ... Dr. Ran Balicer, director of the Clalit Research Institute in Israel, painted a ...
brain hacking

MRI in a ski hat? Seeking better ways to hack our brains

Singularity Hub | 
[A]t Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego, technologists presented new non-invasive devices that seek to simplify and democratize brain modulation ...
passenger pigeon

‘De-extinction’ engineers dream of reviving the lost passenger pigeon

Singularity Hub | 
Once the dominant species in eastern North America, passenger pigeons roamed the forests in giant flocks up to several billions ...
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Redefining reproduction? Immature human eggs made from blood cells

Singularity Hub | 
We all know how babies are made: sperm meets egg, molecular magic happens, and an entire human comes to life ...
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No more words? BrainNet enables ‘brain-to-brain’ communication, Tetris-like game play

Singularity Hub | 
What if we could do away with words altogether? What if, rather than relying on an intermediary, we could directly ...

‘Theory of mind’: Why artificial intelligence needs to understand how we think

Singularity Hub | 
What AI needs, [said Dr. Jun Wang at University College London] is a type of deep communication skill that stems from a critical human ...
Project Recode: Can we create synthetic ‘superhero’ human cells immune to viruses, cancer and aging?

Project Recode: Can we create synthetic ‘superhero’ human cells immune to viruses, cancer and aging?

Singularity Hub | 
Recently, roughly 200 eminent scientists assembled in Boston. Their agenda? Creating “superhero” human cells impervious to all viral attacks and ...
Screen Shot at AM

Can zapping our brains with electricity boost learning?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A new study sheds light on why transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) -- now being tried by do-it-yourselfers -- doesn't ...
artifical blood

Leukemia treatment using lab-grown blood ‘tantalizingly close’

Singularity Hub | 
A bone marrow transplant is often the only chance for survival [for patients with leukemia and other blood disorders]...Unfortunately, like ...

Will DNA become new storage medium for digital data?

Singularity Hub | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. To most of us, ...
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