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EPA likely to re-approve controversial dicamba weedkillers in 2020, despite widespread crop damage

AgWeb | 
Herbicide applicators have the weight of dicamba’s future weighing heavily on their shoulders this year. EPA’s conditional registration lasts through ...

Weedkiller breakthrough? Bayer developing new herbicide to help farmers tackle glyphosate-resistant weeds

AgWeb | 
With stakes in the fight against tough-to-control and resistant weeds at an all-time high, Bayer is adding a new tool ...

Viewpoint: Why farmers should pay attention to glyphosate-cancer lawsuits

Ag Web | 
The San Fransisco Superior Court will soon hear testimony from a man dying of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma who claims Roundup (glyphosate) ...

Deciding between GMO and non-GMO seeds? Two farmers weigh pros and cons of each

AgWeb | 
[in 2015] Minnesota farmer Pat Duncanson switched 95% of his corn acres to non-GMO crops. His motivation was to save ...
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GMO corn that shuts down carcinogenic fungal toxin could be healthcare boon in developing countries

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Amid the GMO debate, one researcher is striving to use genetic modification to not just improve crop health, but potentially ...
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Sorghum resistant to herbicide, drought, pests in advanced development

AgWeb | 
For the past several years sorghum research has lagged behind that of corn and soybeans, but that could soon change ...
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CRISPR, EXZACT technologies boost gene-editing efficiency in plants from 1% to 90%

Ag Web | 
The perfect seed doesn’t exist—but can it? Breeders have tried without success for decades to perfectly combine yield, disease tolerance ...