FBI turns up heat on Mike Adams as ‘Health Ranger’ fiasco widens, plus Adams’ archive

| July 28, 2014 |
via "This Week in Pseudo Science" via "This Week in Pseudo Science"

Last week, Mike Adams, the founder and editor of NaturalNews.com–a favorite site of Dr. Oz and anti-GMO campaigners, from Vandana Shiva to Center for Food Safetey’s Andrew Kimbrell to the Food Babe to Jeffrey Smith, but also dubbed by scientists and journalists as the number one anti-science site in cyberspace–launched an all out offensive against crop biotechnology.

Adams posted a screed on his website (since sanitized by Adams; we’ve included link to the pre-censored version) attacking supporters of genetic engineering as modern day Nazis, suggesting that anti-GMO activists should consider murdering scientists and journalists for their crimes against humanity. Adams then alerted readers to another site, Monsanto Collaborators, which was more or less a handy online list of these so-called ‘Nazi perpetrators”–aka scientists, journalists and news organizations that believe biotechnology can play a constructive role in farming–for crazies who might want to follow Adams’ marching orders and begin assassinations. I was prominently mentioned by Adams, no doubt because of the scathing Adams profile and fact sheet summary GLP posted in April.

Adams alerted readers to this new “collaborators” site, claiming he had nothing at all to do with it, but urging readers to lap it up. Not surprisingly, anti-GMO philosopher Vandana Shiva, whose credibility as a reasoned critic of GMOs is in tatters, linked to the Adams story on one of her sites (Shiva took down the Adams created violence inciting site on July 28, but an archived version of it has been preserved here.)

Needless to say, the last week and Adams’ anti-GMO offensive have not unfolded as he had anticipated. Keith Kloor, a science writer with a blog on Discover, has written a series of articles on the Adams fiasco, documenting the train wreck as it unfolded: here, here, and here.

But more interesting is the fact that it’s now clear that Adams was behind the Monsanto Collaborators site. Analyses by the GLP, geneticist Karl Haro von Mogel and most extensively by the website This Week in Pseudo Science have demonstrated that the NaturalNews.com coding signatures–akin to a DNA match–are all over the Monsanto Collaborators site, which was actually registered hours before Adams’ first attack column was published. In sum: Adams has been busted. He published both sites. He’s also launched two other slander and pseudo sites designed to promote himself and his products while trying to hammer critics.

Adams tried to cleanse his original NaturalNews.com post calling for the killing of scientists and journalists and is now blocking access to the Monsanto Collaborators site, which he claims was actually set up by Monsanto and its supporters to discredit him and other anti-GMO activists, but the truth is out and the damage has been done.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, besieged by complaints from targets and the science and journalism communities, immediately launched an investigation of Adams and the site, with Adams facing possible felony charges of inciting violence (if he lived in a Europe or a Commonwealth country like the U.K., he would probably already have been served).

As the list of cyber stories on this still developing story, posted below, illustrates, the condemnation of Adams by mainstream journalists and scientists, including Paul Raeburn at Knight Science Journalism Tracker, has been overwhelming. Consensus: Adams is (in the words of scientist and blogger David Gorski) an uber-quack.

The issue here, of course, is not Adams. He is well known for his wildly popular fringe and inflammatory views, as his anti-science web site garners millions of hits every month. The real scandal is that what Adams writes about GMOs, including hyping the long discredited myth that GMOs are causing farmer suicides in India—is standard gruel for even so-called ‘mainstream’ and “responsible” anti-GMO activists.

In other words, Mike Adams is not an outlier in the anti-GMO movement…he is as mainstream as the Institute for Responsible Technology, Center for Food Safety, and sadly, even some environmental publications, on this issue, like Mother Jones. Their positions are grounded in ideology rather than science. That’s the scandal.

Below are the links, including to archived posts that Adams tried to but failed to purge, of the growing Adams dust-up.


Original Monsanto Collaborators site (blocked/taken down by Adams): 


Adams’ follow up post on NaturalNews saying he’s not responsible for Collaborators page before he sanitized it: http://web.archive.org/web/20140725133815/http://www.naturalnews.com/046147_Monsanto_Collaborators_false_flag_operation_GMO_skeptics.html

Also preserved in slightly altered form here: Tree of Liberty: http://www.thetreeofliberty.com/vb/showthread.php?t=202889

Adams busted: Analysis of coding of Monsanto Collaborators site showing a ‘digital DNA match’ between NaturalNews.com and the Collaborators site, meaning that Adams created the Collaborators site that he first disavowed, then blamed on Monsanto, then took down:


Attack articles on Adams-created propagandists, site, in which Jon Entine listed along with Magic Johnson and others: http://propagandists.org/

Attack article on Jon Entine on Adams-created collaborators website, the first linked from Monsanto Collaborators page:



Adams sets up two other propaganda sites to promote himself and attack critics: http://newsvoice.se/2014/07/28/mike-adams-starts-naturalwiki-and-truthwiki/

Adams again attacks GMOs, and Entine: http://www.naturalnews.com/046194_agricultural_holocaust_GMOs_environmental_destruction.html


Adams junk science circulated by Vandana Shiva:

Vandana Shiva’s Seed Freedom: http://seedfreedom.in/biotech-genocide-monsanto-collaborators-and-the-nazi-legacy-of-science-as-justification-for-murder/http://seedfreedom.in/tags/monsanto-collaborators/ [NOTE: Shiva took down mirrored site on on July 29, but a jpg of her pages on her site and on her Facebook site are preserved below]Shiva_adams_website



General articles and response on Adams fiasco:

Keith Kloor response (1) article http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/collideascape/2014/07/22/mike-adams-monsanto-nazis-disturbing-article/

Keith Kloor response (2): http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/collideascape/2014/07/24/mike-adams-elevates-ugly-anti-gmo-campaign/

Keith Kloor response (3): http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/collideascape/2014/07/25/mike-adams-capitalizes-myth-spread-vandana-shiva/#.U9KkgIBdX0I

Genetic Literacy Project follow: http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2014/07/24/naturalnews-huckster-mike-adams-asks-anti-gmoers-to-kill-scientists-supporters-of-crop-biotech/

GLP Updated Adams profile: http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/glp-articles/most-dangerous-anti-science-gmo-critic-meet-mike-adams-conspiracy-junkie-runs-alternative-health-empire/

GLP Updated Fact Sheet on Adams: http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/glp-facts/mike-adams/

Genetic Literacy Project Follow that Adams busted: http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2014/07/25/mike-adams-claims-monsanto-set-up-kill-gmo-supporters-website-as-scientists-journalists-face-death-threats/

Additional articles on unfolding Adams story:

RealClearScience: http://www.realclearscience.com/2014/07/24/anti-gmoer_asks_followers_to_kill_scientists_260167.html,

Kevin Folta Illumination blog “Do Not Stop Adams and Intimidation – Exploit It”: http://kfolta.blogspot.com/2014/07/do-not-stop-adams-and-intimidation.html

Kevin Folta on Adams and Shiva: http://kfolta.blogspot.com/2014/07/do-you-stand-with-adams-and-shiva.html

Paul Raeburn, Knight Science Journalism at MIT:  https://ksj.mit.edu/tracker/2014/07/are-these-science-writers-and-publications-facing-death-threats-for-covering-gmos/

David Ropeik’s reflections: http://bigthink.com/risk-reason-and-reality/a-current-example-of-frightening-extremism-in-the-name-of-our-beliefs

Mother Jones: http://www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2014/07/popular-conspiracy-site-likens-pro-gmo-journalists-nazi-collaborators

Forward Progressive “Natural News Founder Accuses Scientists of Genocide, Hints They Should be Killed, http://www.forwardprogressives.com/natural-news-founder-scientists-genocide-hints-killed

Forward Progressive after Adams was busted for claiming he had no connection to ‘kill GMO suporters” site: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/natural-news-owner-may-created-fake-holocaust-website-smear-critics/

Joni Kamiya, Hawaii Farmer’s Joni Kamiya, Hawaii Farmer’s Daughter: http://hawaiifarmersdaughter.com/2014/07/29/afamilyfullofmisinformation/

Steven Novella/Neurologica: http://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/mike-adams-is-a-dangerous-loon/

David Gorski response (1): http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2014/07/25/how-they-view-us-mike-adams-and-kent-heckenlively-edition/

David Gorski response (2): http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/how-they-view-us-mike-adams-goes-off-the-deep-end/

Progressive Contrarian: http://theprogressivecontrarian.com/2014/07/24/mike-adams-crazy-train-goes-off-the-tracks/

Ronald Bailey, Reason: http://reason.com/blog/2014/07/25/anti-biotech-nutcase-mike-adams-may-or-m

Sharon Hill, Doubtful News: http://doubtfulnews.com/2014/07/mike-adams-insinuates-some-scientists-should-be-killed-then-looks-like-a-bigger-idiot/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=mike-adams-insinuates-some-scientists-should-be-killed-then-looks-like-a-bigger-idiot

Dan Mitchell, Modern Farmer: http://modernfarmer.com/2014/07/natural-news-put-us-hit-list/

Mason Bilderberg, Illuminutti: http://illuminutti.com/2014/07/28/mike-adams-crossed-the-line-and-in-a-way-that-cant-be-ignored/

Nathanael Johnson, Grist: http://grist.org/food/heres-why-natural-news-is-neither/#.U9gTluZaiE0.twitter

Jenny Hopkinson, Politico: http://www.politico.com/morningagriculture/0714/morningagriculture14830.html

Center for Consumer Freedom: http://www.consumerfreedom.com/2014/07/will-anti-gmo-activist-spark-violence/

MuckRack: http://muckrack.com/link/oHM1I/mike-adams-elevates-his-ugly-anti-gmo-campaign

io9: http://io9.com/anti-gmo-activist-mike-adams-who-last-week-called-for-1611494619

Briefing Room, http://www.gopbriefingroom.com/index.php?topic=144353.0

Lipstick Alley: http://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php?p=18535513,

Democractic Under Ground http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025285078

Underground Forum http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2347751/Natural-News-Mike-Adams-makes-death-threats/?pc=2

Soap Box: http://thesoapboxrantings.blogspot.com/2014/07/mike-adams-crossed-line-and-in-way-that.html

Swallowing the Camel: http://swallowingthecamel.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/the-health-ranger-might-want-to-kill-you/

Violent Metaphors: http://violentmetaphors.com/2014/07/26/mike-adams-goes-too-far/

  • pbereano

    I am a long-time activist and intellectual on GE issues (beginning in the mid-1980s,, probably long before Entine had any inkling of these issues). Dispite what Jon Entine says, Mike Adams most definitlely IS an outlier– I had never even heard of him before someone sent me his outrageous piece.
    And, anyway, how would Entine even know, since he is not familiar with many of us at the heart of the matter?. The idea that Vandana Shiva and Andy Kimbrell somehow are associated with Adams and his views is truly bizarre–I have known these two people and worked closely with them for many decades. It seems to me that Entine’s piece is as fictional as Adams’ was.
    Monsanto is no Adolf Hitler, and Jon Entine, you are no Andy Kimbrell.
    Phil Bereano
    Prof Emeritus of Technology and Public Policy
    Member, Roster of Experts, Cartagena Biosafety Protocol

    • Cairenn Day

      Most folks are not experts. They get their science from the memes and articles shared by friends on FB. Adams and his site DOES show there a lot.

      To deny that, is to ignore the FACTS of who has influence on folks.

      Look at how the ant Vax movement, championed by those like Jenny McCarthy has reduced vaccination rates in many areas of the US to less than those in some Third world countries. Look at how imans and others in other areas of the world use it to encourage attacks on vaccination workers.

    • Karl Haro von Mogel
    • mem_somerville

      Did you miss the part about Vandana Shiva’s site republishing the insane screed? http://seedfreedom.in/biotech-genocide-monsanto-collaborators-and-the-nazi-legacy-of-science-as-justification-for-murder/

      The original Adams screed equating journalists and scientists with Nazis, along with its incitement to violence, has been reproduced on one of Shiva’s websites (Seed Freedom) and promoted on its Facebook page.


      If you don’t know who is on the crazy train, maybe you are the one who isn’t that well connected to the facts.

      • Mackinz

        Hey mem, do you know of any sources which provide evidence of an FBI investigation into Mike Adams homocidal threat? I’ve seen the claim parroted around, and I would certainly enjoy it if it were true, but, as a skeptic, I require an input of evidence for a claim.

        • mem_somerville

          This is what I know, I haven’t been involved with any of this evidence gathering and I haven’t see it, however.


          • Mackinz

            So, apparently, Jon has been contacted by the FBI on the matter? That’s nice to know. Wish he would have said as much. It’s not like he has a website for reporting these kinds of things.

          • mem_somerville

            Yeah, I’d like to see it too. But sometimes it’s a bad idea to compromise an ongoing investigation.

          • G

            What Mem said: It’s a bad idea to compromise an ongoing investigation.

            It’s OK to report and discuss news that has already been widely reported. But since some of the folks here may be close to or directly involved with gathering evidence, it’s best to avoid asking them about it, and of course it’s best for them to not make speculative comments.

            In general if you’re involved in the case and have provided evidence, your friendly FBI agent may have told you something like “I can’t ask you to not publish things, that’s your right under the Constitution.” But I’d suggest taking that comment as meaning something like, “You have every right to do it, but personally I wish you wouldn’t,” and that should be respected.

            After he’s convicted there’ll be plenty of time to share stories.

      • mem_somerville
        • G

          That, in particular, will be highly useful for convicting them. There are numerous characteristics of online postings and activity including edits and deletions, that paint a very clear evidence trail. Law enforcement has gotten very good at collecting that kind of evidence.

      • G

        Not to mention, one shouldn’t call oneself “an intellectual” as a first person singular noun. To my mind that’s third cousin to Galileo and an automatic red-flag.

        Speaking of Galileo, a useful comeback to such claims is, “I knew Galileo, and let me tell you, sir, you are no Galileo!”

    • Clyde Davies

      Generally I find that the people who refer to themselves as ‘intellectuals’ are anything but and the last to be trusted on controversial issues.

    • Benjamin Edge

      You have never heard of Natural News, Mike Adams’ web site? For him to be an outlier, his junk certainly gets repeated around the internet enough, unless you think the people posting links are also outliers? You must not be as well informed as you think.

      How do you know who Jon Entine is familiar with, other than yourself? Thank goodness Jon is no Andy Kimbrell, one is more than enough.

  • Clark

    Oh! Here come the NWO conspiracies and damage control responses. That didn’t take long.

    • Jeremy Rawley

      There’s only one NWO: Hogan, Hall, and Nash.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    Jon Don’t you think calling Shiva a philosopher is a bit of a complimentary stretch? Perhaps a sharpton is a better term.

    • Mackinz

      Her degree is in Philosophy so it is appropriate, even if she is terrible at it.

      • Eric Bjerregaard

        ooops, forgot, though I know a few folks with ag degrees that I would never call farmers.

  • Loren Eaton

    Nuts like Mikey…are why I use an alias. If he showed up at my house, my son (who is not nearly as diplomatic as I am) would probably go James Garner (Rockford) on him, “How ’bout I knock your head down between your knees!!”

    • G

      Amen to that. Aliases, and misdirection as to where one lives (pick a different state or a different country).

      If someone shows up at your house who has made threats against your life, don’t even go outside to talk to them. Just call 911 (or 999 in the UK) and have the police ask him to leave in no uncertain terms. If someone like that tries to gain entry to your house or vehicle, use whatever force is necessary to protect yourself.

  • Kevin Folta

    Well done Jon. It is good for the Stealth Danger to show his true colors. I’m still waiting for the antis to condemn his words. Fortunately there have been a few that have indicated discontent at his message. However, the Smith-Shiva-Oz-Mercola et al group are silent, with Shiva only promoting his work.

    • Verna Lang

      Just tried the Vandana Shiva link. 404 Page Not Found. Her archives are strangely devoid of any such article supporting Mike Adams. The list of Mike’s allies grows thin.

    • First Officer

      “Stealth Danger”, I like that ! ;)

    • Warren Taylor

      I waited in vain after 9/11 for the Muslim world to condemn the attacks.

  • MakingFunOfMorons

    Misleading headline as the FBI isn’t even mentioned in the story. While I hope the FBI is involved, how about some evidence that they are?

    • Andrew Millard

      FTA: “The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, besieged by complaints from targets and the science and journalism communities, immediately launched an investigation of Adams and the site, with Adams facing possible felony charges of inciting violence (if he lived in a Europe or a Commonwealth country like the U.K., he would probably already have been served).”

  • Desiree Stephanie Kramer

    I became aware of danger of Adams/Natural News was when I came upon Doreen Virtue posting on FB not to get flu shots – one of her post encouraged people to use elderberries..She used a Natural News article to support of her elderberry angel message thing . I wrote John Holland & Reid Tracy who I had already written about Virtue’s false suicide statement given in Seattle in ’12 & warned them Virtue telling people flu shots were unsafe could cause someone not to get a flu shot who needed one to survive and it could kill.. Neither did anything… Natural News is extremist . I have seen posts on their FB actively encouraging people to get off their anti-depressant meds.. https://www.facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444/posts/557442077630441

    • Khan Trailer

      They’re also chemtrail believers and Sandy Hook deniers. Every newsworthy tragedy worldwide is peddled to their followers as a false-flag operation designed in one way or another to remove freedoms from Americans.

      • Desiree Stephanie Kramer

        I am floored at what Hay House allows its authors to plug as from the angels.. Doreen Virtue plugging Natural News to her fan base.. would be taken that angels are leading them there.. I have never seen so much conspiracy stuff seriously presented as on Natural News..

  • Andrew Millard

    The link to the article on archive.org goes to the scrubbed version. Is there a cache/screengrab anywhere of the original article?

  • DrXym

    If Mike Adams finds himself on the receiving end of federal charges then it will be no less than he deserves. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on GMO but when a person starts listing names and addresses of people who deserve to be killed then they deserve to be arrested and charged with threatening behaviour. And I hope he is.

    Anyway, I expect the mainstream of anti-GMO are thoroughly embarrassed by these loons on the fringes. Any attempt to have a rational and nuanced debate on the subject is scuppered when there are people screeching comparisons to Nazis or making other absurd and evidence-lite accusations.

    • First Officer

      Huh, he is part of the mainstream. yes on the extreme end but, judging from the comments he got on his site and statements like RosAnne’s we can help burn your crops for you, not a full sigma from center.

      • G

        None the less, he does poison the debate, such that anyone raising any reservations whatsoever about GMOs, gets labeled a kook. To my mind it’s legitimate to ask questions about potential ecological impacts, provided one is actually asking honest questions and willing to abide by factual answers.

  • Sara

    The FBI has investigated people for much, much less. I am surprised it has taken this long for Adams to be investigated since he is the origin of so much aggressive rhetoric against scientists and the government in general.

  • Shay

    As Napoleon said (I think it was Napoleon) — never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.

  • BioWonk

    So many anti-science groups and persons citing and re-posting Natural News as though it’s gospel and that they are so “wise” for supporting Adams’ nonsense.Here’s what you can expect to find on The Natural News:

    Still waiting for the admin to provide pic or vid evidence from courthouse employees or townspeople to corroborate the “armed guards and attack dogs”

    5 seconds on Google will produce over a dozen outlets, including Forbes, that were part of this *TOTAL* “media blackout”

    And if that wasn’t enough, chemtrails:

    and the coup de grace, HIV denial:

    So, anyone who insists on citing The Natural News as a source surrenders their right to be taken seriously.

    Gotta say though, my favorite comment on the NitWitual News was in agreement with a “study” claiming that Vitamin D is “just as effective” as vaccines. One future Nobel Prize candidate responded with, “Yup. All you need is sunshine.”

    Yeah. We have the history of the entire continent of Africa as evidence for that brilliant observation.

    • j

      Idiots, research NASA Scientist Dennis M Bushnell if you want real answers to your misinformed minds. If your teachers are incorrectly trained, so to will you be.

  • G

    FBI investigating Adams: Wonderful news. FBI only brings charges if they are highly confident in getting a conviction; and when they know they’ve got someone, they may also take their time reeling them in. So keep your eyes open, this could get more interesting rather than less, though it may take months or longer. If it’s announced that he’s being charged, invest in popcorn futures (GMO or otherwise;-) and prepare for some seriously entertaining courtroom drama.

  • be honest CSL …. fess up

    This is a pro-GMO/GE website, so not surprising at all to read your comments below. Think.

    • Eric Bjerregaard

      Many folks who read these articles do think. That’s why we Think mikey is, maybe, perhaps, just a tad shy in the logic and integrity departments. Please try reading the articles these folks produce and not just the comments by troublemakers such as myself. Then you think it through.

  • Tyler Hurson

    I was recently banned at NN after posting a bunch of criticism of their articles. It’s sad that a community that markets itself as ‘skeptics’ and ‘free-thinkers’ seems to have no problem silencing dissenting opinions.

    As I always say, a community that flirts with conspiracy theories is eventually overrun by them. Lunacy has become the mainstay of the anti-GMO movement.

    • Eric Bjerregaard

      So, Tyler, to carry your logic a bit further. If I flirt with beautiful women. I’ll be over run with them? I saw your comments, occasionally hit the like button, and made a few inflammatory remarks myself. I mentioned GLP, biofortified, The Perugia study, and a few other “troll/Shill folks positively. Did this for 2 reasons. I hope that the silent readers will sometimes get curious. And I enjoy insulting folks like mikey. I’m banned as well Seems I may have carried things a bit far when I mentioned that [in]famous libeler, Kevin Folta in a positive manner.

  • Desiree Stephanie Kramer

    GLP…I am so sorry you were listed to be seemingly targeted for death by such nuts. Happy the FBI is stepping in. Be safe and well..

  • gene

    i want to hear his side of it…….always 2 sides folks!

  • First Officer

    Hello Jon. Any word on the FBI investigation?

  • scotty perey

    does anyone know of any updates to this investigation?

  • Doug

    As noted elsewhere “Those Nazis love genetic purity, and hate foreign genes”!

    Wait, that’s the NGO crowd, right?

  • aubreyfarmer

    I could read all of the links but why waste the time. You could post a million links and I would not believe the propaganda. Monsanto is the devil. The pharmaceutical industry is full of liars and thieves. They push their garbage on us and protect themselves from liability by paying off politicians to pass laws on their behalf.

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  • Juju

    GMOS are supposed to feed the world. Unfortuently, it’s starving the very people it’s trying to feed. When are people going to stop trying to make short term economic gains versus long term payback. You reap what you sew.

  • realfo

    Good propaganda piece, this falls under black propaganda which means its full of LIES. Its a diversion article to focus on Mike’s so called actions. He’s a real individual concerned by the greed of big corporations like Monsanto who specialize in weaponized materials such as Agent Orange. GMO crops will destroy and mutate our huhhman race. Look it UP

  • Me = Paul Heyman Guy

    Mike Adams recently attacked Whole Foods because one of their employees assaulted a military veteran outside a Whole Foods store.

    Sometimes I wonder if Adams is a paid agent provocateur. And now after I read he called for anti-GMO activists to murder scientists, I am convinced that he is indeed an agent provocateur.