Gene therapy as a cure for fatal bone diseases in children?

This article detailed current research about how, although low bone density and osteoporosis is quite prevalent in the public eye, that excessive bone density and subsequent diseases also present a significant medical challenge. The article reported that such diseases of excessive bone density, such as malignant infantile osteopetrosis, or MIOP, are only currently treated with a risky transplant procedure, but research has shown that gene therapy might provide a safe and effective alternative. This therapy would allow experts to extract stem cells from the patients themselves, eliminating any external donor, and have the non-functioning gene replaced with a working copy, and then reinserted into the patient. Researchers note that the method is not risk-free, and that much work is still required before the technique is ready for practical application.

View the original article here: Gene Therapy as a Cure for Fatal Bone Diseases in Children?

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