Pathway to transhumanism differs for political right and left

The way we think about the possibility of transcending “the human condition” strongly reflects the way in which we think about humanity and society in general. Transhumanist thought has been no exception, evident across the political spectrum – but tending to differ in line with the thinker’s other political attitudes. In fact, it seems possible to speak of a transhumanism of the political right, and a transhumanism of the political left, the key difference between which is the context in which we would see technology utilized to effect fundamental changes in human beings. Rightist transhumanism seeks to achieve it within the existing social order (e.g. capitalism), and even as a substitute for social and political change. Leftist transhumanism regards it as part of a broader project of human liberation, likely to follow the achievement of a more equitable society.

View the original article here: Raritania: Of Right and Left Transhumanism

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