Eco-feminist Vandana Shiva: fanatic or fantasist?

Perhaps as a sign of the change in attitudes on GM the reaction to Mark Lynas’s speech renouncing his anti-GMO position from environmentalists has been somewhat muted.  However there has been one notable exception: Vandana Shiva. According to the Guardian she is one of “the top 100 women in the world.” Lynas’s speech drew this response from her on Twitter: “ saying farmers shd be free to grow  which can contaminate  farms is like saying  shd have freedom to rape”

Here we have perhaps the world’s foremost opponent of GM crops suggesting that growing GM crops is the moral equivalent of rape. A vile statement I hope you will agree, but will this mean the environmental movement will consider ostracising her? My feeling is that it won’t.

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The real issue however is whether Vandava Shiva is simply deluded, or actively malicious. In either case it is high time the environmental movement recognised that she is a deeply dangerous figure.

View the original article here: Vandana Shiva: Fanatic or Fantasist?

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