Taxpayers don’t have to pay for overpriced food labels

PolicyMicFarm Bill Cuts $22 Million From Organic Food Funding: Taxpayers Don't Have to ...PolicyMicIn November, California voters rejected Proposition 37, which would have required genetically modified (GM) foods to be labeled as such. And earlier this month, prominent environmentalist Mark Lynas admitted that he was wrong about GM food. Could ...and more »

The following is an excerpt.

The organic food movement has been taking a beating as of late.

When Congress passed the newest farm bill extension at the beginning of this month, they cut from the legislation $22 million in funds for the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program, along with several other subsidies to organic farmers. Under this program, you and I paid organic farmers to put a USDA sticker on their products, so we would know when we were buying organic food in the grocery store.

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