Iowa farmer: GE and science will heal the earth

The following is an edited excerpt.

Despite two decades of planting GMOs that hasn’t inflicted a single human illness, has been consumed by livestock and wildlife that flourish, and extensive review by the Food and Drug Administration, some people continue to invent fault.

The rest of us shouldn’t care except that the protesters want to require GMO labeling that would increase the cost of food primarily by the effort to segregate GMOs from non-GMOs. While some protesters have misconceptions about their food, many others are focused on stopping farmers from using this science.

In my farming operation, I’m using science to “heal the earth.” The glyphosate (Roundup) tolerant gene found in the crops I plant has been a huge benefit. Like most farmers, I now use the non-selective herbicide, Roundup, to control weeds without mechanically disturbing the soil. Anytime a farmer loosens the soil with tillage, the erosion potential skyrockets. In addition, Roundup herbicide binds tightly to soil organic matter where it readily decomposes.


The Roundup-tolerant gene opposed by naturalists was originally isolated from naturally occurring bacteria that naturally evolved resistance to Roundup.

Read the full post here: GE and science will heal the earth

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