Kauai’s biotech battle: A field report from geneticist Kevin Folta

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Over 1000 Kauai citizens and other pro/anti supporters line up at the Kauai Veterans Center to provide testimony regarding Bill 2491 (CREDIT: Kevin Folta).

Kevin Folta, who recently wrote about why he’s traveling in Hawaii to help educate the concerned public about GM crops and plant science for the GLP, has continued to chronicle his experiences on his own blog. An excerpt:

Kauai’s unique climate makes it a perfect place to grow many different kinds of crops and plants. But the island is also home to concerned residents that once endured sloppy agricultural development.

Today the Island of Kauai ponders Bill 2491, an ordinance that would place extremely tight restrictions on corporate farming by pinching the two practices that sustain it—pesticide use and transgenic (familiarly, GMO) seeds.

There is no reason for fear or action. There is no need for 2491. There is no need for a bill and restrictive non-scientific regulation.  There is need for action, but appropriate action that would seriously investigate the concerns of those claiming effects and determine what is really at the root of their claims.

Many are quick to dismiss them as kooks, troublemakers or complainers.  I can’t do that.  I take their concerns seriously.  I want to get to the soul of their problem and at this point it is not GMOs and pesticides currently used.

Read the full, original story here: A right to know? Kauai biotech policy I

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